Over The Rainbow Fundraiser Theme

This blog will focus on the Over The Rainbow fundraiser theme. One of our nonprofit clients recently hosted this type of fundraiser.  If you’re looking for a colorful fundraiser that has a joyful atmosphere, this event might be perfect for your organization. Over The Rainbow Fundraiser Theme Decor This type of fundraiser theme features beautiful…

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Fundraiser Tip—Use Social Media To Promote Your Fundraiser

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Fundraiser Tip—Use Social Media To Promote Your Fundraiser A great fundraiser tip for non-profits is to use social media to promote your fundraiser. Using this powerful marketing tool during a fundraiser can help increase awareness about your event and your non-profit. This will increase exposure for your non-profit because the guests’ posts appear on their social media pages for…

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Fundraiser Decorations

fundraiser decoration

There are many unique and creative fundraiser decorations, especially for tables and centerpieces. Table decorations and centerpieces can be a sizable expense for some fundraising events. According to Murad Auctions, you should consider the following before selecting your decorations: Do they give you the return on investment needed for your audience? Do the centerpieces reflect…

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