Fundraiser Tip—Use Social Media To Promote Your Fundraiser

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Fundraiser Tip—Use Social Media To Promote Your Fundraiser A great fundraiser tip for non-profits is to use social media to promote your fundraiser. Using this powerful marketing tool during a fundraiser can help increase awareness about your event and your non-profit. This will increase exposure for your non-profit because the guests’ posts appear on their social media pages for…

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Wish Mannequin Fundraiser

Wish Mannequin

A wish mannequin is a unique fundraiser for your nonprofit event. Use wish mannequins to display the needs of your non-profit.  This works well because guests can easily see the needs of your nonprofit displayed in a creative way, can choose the need and make the donation to fulfill this need.  They can select the…

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Fundraising Tip: Convey Non-Profit’s Mission At Fundraiser

Fundraising Tip

A great fundraising tip is to convey your non-profit’s mission during your fundraising event. This is the perfect time to tell your organization’s story and raise awareness while you have a captive audience. You should capitalize on this opportunity. When they know more about your organization, they will be more inclined to support it or increase…

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Family-Oriented Sign Up Parties Are Popular School Fundraisers

School Fundraisers

Family-oriented sign up parties for school fundraisers are a great way to offer a wide variety of family-friendly, fun activities that the whole family will enjoy. Hosting several of these school fundraisers throughout the year can help increase the revenue generated for your school. Parents or family-oriented venues host parties, and a limited number of tickets…

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