There’s a great, new fundraising idea for nonprofits. Join The American Red Cross, The World Food Program, UNICEF, and other nonprofits in utilizing this new fundraising platform to raise money for  your nonprofit organization!

fundraising idea

This program allows nonprofits to co-brand a web page which gives their supporters cash back for the products and services they are already purchasing from companies and stores such as Walmart, Target, Macy’s,  Nordstrom, State Farm Insurance, Priceline, and many others.


fundraising idea

It is free to join the cash back program. This allows your donors can try it out first with no risk, while supporting your cause.  Their purchases generate commissions for your nonprofit.  It’s painless and simple!  They get paid to shop just as they have always done, while supporting your worthy cause. Best of all, they can shop through the online stores they love, while still getting the same sales, special purchases, and discounts available to everyone else and earn cash back as a bonus!

The nonprofit earns commissions on everything that their patrons purchase through the cash back program.  It is a passive fundraising platform, cobranded with the nonprofit and  To find out how this program can benefit your nonprofit, click here.

How It Works

Charities place a banner (similar to the one below) on their website with a short message like: “We’d Like To Give Back To You”.

fundraising idea
Their donors and corporate sponsors can then click and go to a page we provide where they can watch a video (click here to view) to learn how they can get cash-back at the same places they are already going while their favorite cause receives funding at the same time from Fortune 500 companies.

Learn more about the program!

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