Over The Rainbow Fundraiser Theme

This blog will focus on the Over The Rainbow fundraiser theme. One of our nonprofit clients recently hosted this type of fundraiser.  If you’re looking for a colorful fundraiser that has a joyful atmosphere, this event might be perfect for your organization. Over The Rainbow Fundraiser Theme Decor This type of fundraiser theme features beautiful…

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Live Auction Fundraiser Idea-Heads And Tails Game

Fundraiser idea

The game Heads and Tails is a popular live auction fundraiser idea. This game will help warm up your crowd and raise some additional funds before the live auction. It is a variation of the coin toss game that asks participants to guess whether the coin will land on heads or tails.  Here are the…

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Fundraising Ideas to Help Simplify Fundraising for Non-Profits

How To Raise More Money At A Live Auction Fundraiser

Selling event tickets online, offering online registration and online donations are great fundraising ideas to help simplify the fundraising process for non-profit organizations. Auction Services Company Murad Auctions can help make fundraising easier by building and hosting registration and payment forms for non-profit organizations. This will allow non-profits to sell event tickets online, provide online…

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