How to Effectively Use Your Virtual Fundraiser Invitation to Communicate with Supporters

There are a variety of ways to distribute a virtual fundraiser invitation to announce your online fundraising event to your supporters. This blog will outline the options and provide a list of information that should be included in your virtual fundraiser invitation.

There are several options to distribute the invitation for your virtual fundraiser.

Send Your Virtual Fundraiser Invitation In A Text Message

One option is to use text messaging to invite your guests.  Use a virtual fundraiser software that allows you to text your supporters.  Sending the invitation via text message is advantageous because text messages have a much higher open rate than emails, so your invitation will reach more people.

Make sure the invitation includes an active link to your ticketing page.  Guests should be able to easily purchase their tickets by clicking the link and paying with a credit card or debit card. The system should also email a confirmation receipt and a link so guests can update their guest lists at any time.  Our event management software at Murad Auctions includes the ability for guests to input their guest names and update these names in real time as they get closer to the event. We all know guests’ plans change, and using this feature makes the event planner’s job much easier because supporters can change their guest information without contacting you with updates.

Send A Digital Invitation for Your Online Fundraising Event

Create a digital invitation to spread the word about your online fundraiser.  This is a great way to entice your guests to read your invitation and respond by buying a ticket or donating. They are inexpensive and can include links to your event website and ticketing page. A digital invitation also gives you a new platform to showcase your sponsors.

Watch our video about digital invitations.

Email Your Virtual Fundraiser Invitation

Emailing your event invitations is another option.  They are cost effective and you can include links to your website in the e-mail. This method is great, but it has a disadvantage as well. The invitation may not be read because it could end up in the recipients’ junk mail or filtered folders.

If you use your e-newsletter to e-mail the invitation, make sure your e-mail platform has the option to resend to people who didn’t open the original e-mail. Most programs allow you to resend it a few days later to only those who didn’t open the first e-mail.  This is a great way to reach people who may have missed the invitation the first time.  This will also give you an opportunity to try a new, more appealing subject line to get their attention. Additionally, ask your supporters to add your nonprofit to their e-mail list to reduce the chances of the e-mail going to their junk folder.

Send Printed Invitations to Your Virtual Fundraiser

Another option is to print and mail invitations to your online event.  There are many sources for printed invitations such as and

Also try,,, or on Etsy.

Keep in mind that printed invitations are nice, but they can be expensive, and you will have to factor in the cost of postage in your budget. They also don’t provide the ability to have a clickable link to your event website. This is a disadvantage because you want supporters to be able to click on a link and go directly to your website for all the details for your event. A solution to this problem is to add a QR code to your invitation. FlowCode is another QR code generator. This QR code can be scanned with the supporter’s phone via a QR code reader app or by holding the camera over the image using an iPhone. The link to the ticketing page will drop down and will take the guest directly to your ticketing page. Try it yourself below:

QR code example for virtual fundraiser invitation

Post Your Fundraiser Invitation on Social Media

Social media is a great place to spread the word about your virtual fundraiser.  This method of communication allows you to include a link to your fundraiser website and an image of the invitation. You can also ask your fans to share the invitation.

Combine Your Distribution Efforts

The goal of your event invitation is to reach and communicate with as many supporters as possible to let them know details about your virtual fundraising event.

Using all or a couple of these methods can increase the number of people you reach, especially if you want to send the invitations via mail or e-mail. Using more than one method can serve as a reminder for your supporters about your event. Using a combination of these methods can also give you the ability to design more than one invitation. One may get your supporters’ attention more than the others.  Think about your budget and staff and determine if doing one or a combination of the options will work best for you. After the invitations are distributed, determine which method or methods worked best and repeat the process at your next virtual fundraiser.

Information to Include In Your Virtual Fundraiser Invitation

Include all the important information in the invitation. You should explain why you are moving to a virtual event and how they can be involved.  Be positive and excited about your event.  Do not focus on the negative reasons you have to do this. Focus on all the positive aspects. Make them aware of the fact that because this is a virtual event you can bring more people together from all over the world to participate, etc. In your invitation, answer these four questions for your supporters:

  1. What is a virtual event?
  2. What is it for?
  3. When is it?
  4. How do I join the fun?

Examples of Virtual Fundraiser Invitations And Ticket Pages:

QR code example for virtual fundraiser invitation
QR code example for virtual fundraiser invitation

Turtle Creek Park Tickets

Manegait Ticketing

Austin Bar Foundation

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