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As Professional Charity Auctioneers, we do much more than just show up the night of the event and “call the auction.” We provide premier service to our clients. We meet with your staff and volunteers throughout the planning process to provide our expertise and increase the profits of your fundraising event. Our job is to bring new ideas and procedures to your organization, increase efficiency, consult on new technology and teach you about creative fundraising revenue generators which keep your donors excited and happily giving their funds in support of your worthy cause.

The registration and checkout is a vitally important part of your fundraising event and is the first and last impression which your guests experience. Hiring us to manage this, enables you to network with your guests. Projecting an efficient, friendly and professional image helps your guests feel more comfortable donating money to your nonprofit because they feel you will manage their money well.

Live Auction Servces

Louis Murad is a professional, full time, licensed auctioneer who knows how to keep your attendees entertained and bidding! Learn more

Professional Bid Spotters

Our bid spotters dress according to the theme of your event. Their primary job is to increase the profits of your live auction by working closely with the auctioneer. Learn more

Auction Consultation Services

We do much more than just show up the night of the event and “call the auction.” We provide premier service to our clients. Learn more

Registration and Checkout Services, Prescanning Credit Cards

The check in and checkout is a vitally important part of your fundraising event and is the first and last impression your guests experience. Learn more

Social Tables Seating Software

This award winning software makes seating your guests a breeze! Social Tables is seating software that works in a very visual and easy to use format. Learn more

Silent Auction Set Up and Display

We provide professional designers who will set up and display your silent auction according to your theme and décor. Learn more

Custom Bid Paddles

Purchase professional looking bid paddles customized with your event logo, sponsor logo, business card tear off or donation card tear off. Learn more

Printing of Auction Materials

Let us manage this time consuming job for you. Learn more

Support for Golf Events

Let us help you manage your next golf tournament. We provide assistance with the registration and check out, mulligan, raffle and other multi sale games and profit generators. Learn more

Auction Solicitation Services

These are purely donated items, from restaurants, hotels, and sought after retailers; not consignment items! Learn more

Professional Event Planning

Let us take on more of the planning process for you. Learn more

Sound and Lighting Equipment

Audio Visual Equipment Rental including speakers, projectors, screens, specialized lighting, wireless and hand held microphones. Learn more

DJ Services

We provide customized play lists, lighting effects, fog machine and professional staff. Learn more

Auction To Go

Do you have the staff and volunteers available to manage your own event? If so, Auction To Go may be just the right solution for you! Learn more

Nationwide Services

We are headed to your city to provide all of our services across the country. Learn more

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Rave Reviews for Murad Auctions

“I would like to highly recommend Murad Auctions to anyone who is interested in taking their fundraising efforts to the highest and most professional level. The team is comprised of individuals who all exceed in their areas of expertise and the combination of them working as “your” team when doing an event allows you to know that you will not only raise an exceptional amount of money, but it will be done correctly an…
highly recommend Murad Auctions

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