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Professional Charity Auctioneers

As professional charity auctioneers, we do much more than just show up the night of the event and “call the auction.”  We provide premier service to our clients.  We meet with your staff and volunteers throughout the planning process to provide our expertise and increase the profits of your fundraising event.  Our job is to bring new ideas and procedures to your organization, increase efficiency, consult on new technology and teach you about creative fundraising revenue generators which keep your donors excited and happily giving their funds in support of your worthy cause.

While there is a hard cost to hiring an auctioneer, the results of the live auction are the reflection of the real cost, which is a profit center for our clients.  If we can help you raise more money in your live auction by working with your committee to obtain more valuable items, structure the timing of the event to facilitate a more profitable auction and perform better on stage to engage the participation of your audience, your bottom line profits will be higher.  We see this happen time and time again with our clients, and this is the reason we are hired over other auctioneers.  We deliver better results.

We have several professional auctioneers to choose from, and are confident one of them will be a great fit for your event.  Whether you have a black tie, formal event, a western or casual auction party, we can provide the talent you need to match your theme and accomplish your fundraising goals.  Contact us for an interview or to see videos of our auctioneers.

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