Fundraising Ideas for Increased Profits

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Ideas For A Storybook Fundraiser Theme

By Claire Murad | Mar 14, 2022

The Storybook fundraiser theme provides numerous opportunities to create a memorable story about your nonprofit’s mission.  A great example is how  a children’s advocacy center incorporated the organization’s mission into the theme in several creative ways. First, they promoted the theme on their fundraiser/auction website. They created and posted compelling graphics that explained the fundraiser…

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Over The Rainbow Fundraiser Theme

By Claire Murad | Sep 29, 2021

This blog will focus on the Over The Rainbow fundraiser theme. One of our nonprofit clients recently hosted this type of fundraiser.  If you’re looking for a colorful fundraiser that has a joyful atmosphere, this event might be perfect for your organization. Over The Rainbow Fundraiser Theme Decor This type of fundraiser theme features beautiful…

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Butterfly Gift Card Fundraiser Idea

Butterfly Gift Card Pull Fundraising Idea

By Claire Murad | Sep 21, 2021

A butterfly gift card pull is a profitable, colorful fundraising idea that works great for a garden party, Mariposa, or nature-themed event. In this fundraiser, guests pay to draw numbered butterflies to win prizes. How This Fundraising Idea Works Display a variety of colorful butterflies at a table for guests to choose from.  Encourage them…

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Welcome To Bedrock Fundraising Theme

Welcome To Bedrock Fundraiser Theme

By Claire Murad | Sep 20, 2021

Are you looking for a fundraiser theme idea? Try hosting a Welcome to Bedrock fundraiser. This theme is centered around the classic TV show, the Flintstones. One of our clients used this theme and it was a great success. This non-profit drew attention to the event right away with lots of activity in the parking…

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wine pull wine glass fundraiser idea

Try This Type Of Wine Pull Fundraiser At Your Next Event

By Claire Murad | Aug 31, 2021

A wine pull wine glass fundraiser is a super popular variation of a wine pull fundraiser. This wine pull will definitely get lots of attention from guests at your next fundraising event. This blog provides details to help you plan this type of fundraiser. A wine pull is a drawing for wine at a fundraising…

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fundraiser idea:chicken poop bingo

Fundraising Idea: Chicken Poop Bingo

By Claire Murad | Aug 30, 2021

Chicken Poop Bingo is a fun, hilarious fundraising idea for any western or farm-themed fundraising event.  This type of fundraiser will get a lot of buzz from your guests and donors.   Our client The Farmstead Museum hosted a Chicken Poop fundraiser at their farm, and it was a big success. Guests enjoyed this very…

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6 Ways To Promote Your Fundraiser On Social Media And Increase Profits

How to Promote Your Fundraiser on Social Media And Increase Profits

By Claire Murad | Aug 2, 2021

This Murad Auctions blog will share 6 effective tips about how to promote your fundraiser on social media and increase profits. Showcase Your Sponsors The first idea to promote your fundraiser is to showcase a different sponsor for your event each day.  Include your sponsor’s logo and a link back to their business website.  Also…

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Virtual Live Auction Software Demo

Why Virtual Fundraiser Software Makes Your Virtual Fundraising Event More Successful and Profitable

By Claire Murad | Feb 19, 2021

Using a virtual fundraiser software makes it easy to have a successful and more profitable virtual fundraising event. In this blog, we will explore the features of a successful virtual fundraiser and the benefits of virtual live auction software. You will learn new ways to take your fundraiser to the next level! We also include…

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10 Simple Steps To Make Your Virtual Live Auction Successful

By Claire Murad | Feb 10, 2021

There are 10 steps that nonprofits can take to make their virtual live auction successful.  These steps are crucial because a nonprofit’s live auction typically brings in 60-70% of the profit from a fundraiser. This blog will focus on these 10 steps and provide some examples. Provide All Guests A Description Of All The Live…

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