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Banana Flambe Used In Dessert Fundraiser

Try A Dessert Fundraiser To Sweeten Your Event Profits

By Claire Murad | Jan 5, 2023

A dessert fundraiser is a great way to sweeten your fundraiser profits. We’ve seen desserts generate thousands of dollars at various fundraising events. This blog will show you multiple ways to use these sweet treats to raise money for your non-profit. Cake Live Auction Dessert Fundraiser One dessert fundraiser option is a cake live auction.…

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Fashion Fundraiser Ideas: Designer Handbag Fundraiser

Fundraiser Ideas: Use Fashion To Raise Money For Your Non-Profit

By Claire Murad | Dec 15, 2022

Need fun and unique fundraiser ideas? Try fashion fundraisers. There are a variety of creative ways to use fashion to raise money for your non-profit. Fashion can be the theme of your fundraiser, or you can add fashion-oriented games to your event to produce supplemental income. The possibilities are endless, and it will be very…

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Fundraiser Games Provide Extra Income And Sizzle To Your Fundraiser

By Claire Murad | Oct 25, 2022

Including supplemental fundraiser games increase fundraiser profits by providing extra sources of income to go along with your live and silent auctions proceeds. These extra games make your event snap, crackle, and pop, especially if they complement your fundraiser theme. Let’s explore some popular, creative fundraising game ideas. Mystery Box And Grab Bag Fundraiser Games…

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Ring Toss Fundraiser Ideass

Try These 8 Wine, Beer, and Specialty Liquor Fundraiser Ideas

By Claire Murad | Aug 9, 2022

Try these 8 wine, beer, and specialty liquor fundraiser ideas at your next fundraiser to help raise more money for your nonprofit.  These creative wine and alcohol fundraiser options will definitely entertain and engage your guests. Be creative and use one or more of these as extra fundraiser opportunities within your main fundraiser. No-Risk Wine…

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Use mystery boxes to help increase fundraiser profits

42 Ideas To Increase Fundraiser Profits

By Claire Murad | Jul 29, 2022

Murad Auctions and OneCause recently released an e-book containing 42 ideas to increase fundraiser profits. Incorporating one or several of the new, fun ideas from The Ultimate Activity Guide: 42 Fundraising Ideas that Snap, Crackle, and Pop will turn your event into a FUNraiser and pique the interest of your guests. Many fundraising professionals consider…

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Fundraiser Games And Wine Pull Ideas

By Claire Murad | Jun 27, 2022

In this blog, we will share successful fundraiser games and wine pull ideas that some of our clients used in their fundraising events. Feel free to use these ideas or create your own games based on these examples. Fundraiser Games With Farm Animal Themes Ham it up at your next fundraiser by including fundraiser games…

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idea for fundraising event

Ideas For A Storybook Fundraiser Theme

By Claire Murad | Mar 14, 2022

The Storybook fundraiser theme provides numerous opportunities to create a memorable story about your nonprofit’s mission.  A great example is how  a children’s advocacy center incorporated the organization’s mission into the theme in several creative ways. First, they promoted the theme on their fundraiser/auction website. They created and posted compelling graphics that explained the fundraiser…

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Over The Rainbow Fundraiser Theme

By Claire Murad | Sep 29, 2021

This blog will focus on the Over The Rainbow fundraiser theme. One of our nonprofit clients recently hosted this type of fundraiser.  If you’re looking for a colorful fundraiser that has a joyful atmosphere, this event might be perfect for your organization. Over The Rainbow Fundraiser Theme Decor This type of fundraiser theme features beautiful…

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Butterfly Gift Card Fundraiser Idea

Butterfly Gift Card Pull Fundraising Idea

By Claire Murad | Sep 21, 2021

A butterfly gift card pull is a profitable, colorful fundraising idea that works great for a garden party, Mariposa, or nature-themed event. In this fundraiser, guests pay to draw numbered butterflies to win prizes. How This Fundraising Idea Works Display a variety of colorful butterflies at a table for guests to choose from.  Encourage them…

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