10 Awesome Teacher Experiences for your School Auction

Now that the kids are all back in the classroom, let’s talk about some great items to sell at school auctions! Experiences with teachers outside of the classroom can really bond a student with their teachers. Take a look at some of these ideas for teacher experiences outside of the traditional classroom you can put in your auction. They will sure to be revenue-raisers for your school!


Golf with the Coach

You and a friend will play for 2 hours at Top Golf with Men's Golf Captains and the Men's Golf Coach!


Perfect Parking

Reserved Parking Spot!  Make life easier with a reserved parking spot at the field for the entire year!


Mad Scientist

A special student will join the teacher in the science lab for a full day of exciting experiments and activities.  The Scientist of the Day will receive a lab coat and an assortment of science goodies to take home: magnifying glass, test tubes, magnets, a fossil, warblettes, slime, putty, bubbles, speedy snow, a tornado tube, rocks and gems, and safety goggles. The Scientist of the Day will be introduced on the announcements and begin a busy day of fun!  During each class that visits the lab, the student will assist the teacher with lessons and participate in all of the activities. There will be lunch in the garden followed by a special dessert! At the end of the day, the mad scientist will feed the teacher’s pets and take home a snail to keep!


El maestro del dia

El maestro del dia!  Get ready to practice your Spanish skills as Spanish Teacher of the Day! Have fun assisting with classroom lessons and enjoy a mini Mexican fiesta for lunch. Ole!


Got Hoops?

You and a friend will be the ball boys for the Varsity Basketball Game!


Movie Night

Movie Madness with the teachers! The winner will bring a friend and meet your teachers at the movie theater after school and find some yummy snacks and a great seat at the movies.


Book Smart

Live the life of a librarian! Gone are the days of silent rooms and being shushed. Check out patrons, work closely with other students, read stories, and collaborate with other members of the specials team. No matter what you do, it is sure to be an exciting day.


Music, Music, Music!

Choose music activities and songs for your grade and enjoy a pizza lunch with the specials teachers!


Teacher for the Day

The lucky winner will give a spelling test to the class and lead a class lesson. The teacher for the Day will also get have lunch in the classroom with their teacher and 4 other students in their grade.


Leader of the Pack

Get your cameras ready! The lucky winner will lead all of the other graduates as they leave the school for the last time as students. The joy on the clap out leader's smiling face will be easy to see and it will allow for priceless photographs to cherish, along with fond memories of their school.

Take your school auction to the next level!

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