Fundraiser Ideas

Need a Fundraiser Idea? 

Themed Fundraising Basket For Wine Lovers

Need a fundraiser idea? Try themed baskets. They’re creative and versatile and will appeal to a variety of interests. In addition, baskets help you pull together several small auction item donations to create a larger, more profitable auction package to sell at your event! To plan themed baskets, select items for baskets based on the themes…

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Fundraiser Tip—Use Social Media To Promote Your Fundraiser

Hastag Share

Fundraiser Tip—Use Social Media To Promote Your Fundraiser A great fundraiser tip for non-profits is to use social media to promote your fundraiser. Using this powerful marketing tool during a fundraiser can help increase awareness about your event and your non-profit. This will increase exposure for your non-profit because the guests’ posts appear on their social media pages for…

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Wish Mannequin Fundraiser

Wish Mannequin

A wish mannequin is a unique fundraiser for your nonprofit event. Use wish mannequins to display the needs of your non-profit.  This works well because guests can easily see the needs of your nonprofit displayed in a creative way, can choose the need and make the donation to fulfill this need.  They can select the…

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Try a Willy Wonka Fundraiser Theme For Your Next Fundraiser

Décor Ideas For Willy Wonka Fundraiser Theme

Willy Wonka is an imaginative and fun fundraiser theme.  Your guests will enjoy the opportunity to purchase various sweet treats to help raise money for your non-profit. It can’t get any sweeter than this. Invitations and Event Program Ideas For Willy Wonka Fundraiser Theme First, select the title of the event.  An example is: A Night…

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