Murad Auction Testimonials

This is what our clients say about us

Louis, thank you for always making our auction such a huge success. You are such a talent and a blessing to Roundup and to all of us!

Let’s talk soon and thank you again for all you do for us!

Huge Success!

Thank you for everything!  Our party was a huge success, due in large part to the on-line bidding aspect…we’ve heard lots of compliments, people really enjoyed it!

Thank you for everything!

I wanted to thank you for doing such a terrific job on Saturday night! We exceeded all our goals thanks to your expertise. The Live Program flowed smoothly and you brought excitement and energy to every element!

We were also grateful for your guidance with Paddle Raise. You and Sharon worked beautifully together!

Thank you for being an important part of our success!

Best auctioneer we’ve ever had!

We’d love to retain your services again – last year was seamless.

Last Year Was Seamless!

I wanted to quickly share what an AMAZING DIFFERENCE that Wes and the “bid spotter” Team made at our benefit dinner and auction! Our guests were “a buzz” ….. All three made it engaging and fun for everyone!!!! Certain Steering Committee members had been very skeptical of making the Auctioneer change this year AND they are HANDS DOWN WON OVER… Everyone loved Wes and team!

Thank you for the part THE MURAD TEAM played in the success of the auction event!


The exercise of the night was auctioneering with Louis Murad and his posse selling the unique live auction items. Oh, and what packages they were and what they went for. Why, Kent’s “Taste of the Derby,” which included five days and four night at the Hyatt Place Louisville East Hotel for the Kentucky Derby, transportation via private aircraft catered by Kent, a reserved box at the Derby plus great food, went for a record-breaking amount of $62,500 — “the highest winning live auction bid” in the event’s history.

Then there was the Fund the Mission in which guests raised bid cards at various levels of financial support ranging from $100 to $10,000. This one brought in $129,000.

My Sweet Charity, March of Dimes Gala

Taste of the Derby

As the last of the parade of models left the stage, auctioneer Louis Murad conducted the live auction of six items, two of which Louis was able to sell twice. No wonder it made Donna and Mary Lee smile as trips to the Masters Golf Tournament, a dinner for 25 at Mesero Restaurant and a Bachendorf diamond-and-gold bracelet brought in the ca-ching.

My Sweet Charity

I can assure you they have learned that it’s worth every penny to hire you guys and will make sure I pass along that info to whoever the chair is for next year. The fact that we doubled our proceeds from any previous year they’ve ever had is proof that hiring a good auctioneer is worth it.

Worth Every Penny!

Shannyn, our planner was kind, understanding, knowledgeable, very sweet and above all, professional.  Thanks, again, for your support.  Murad is the best in the business when it comes to supporting a fundraising event!

Best in the Business!

“I would like to highly recommend Murad Auctions to anyone who is interested in taking their fundraising efforts to the highest and most professional level. The team is comprised of individuals who all exceed in their areas of expertise and the combination of them working as “your” team when doing an event allows you to know that you will not only raise an exceptional amount of money, but it will be done correctly and professionally.

We appreciated their expertise that they shared the best ways to handle check-in, pricing auction items and fun new ideas such as Heads or Tails. They orchestrated our Fund a Cause, which in a few minutes, raised more money than we would raise doing a separate spring event.

They have passion for what they do and were worth every penny that we spent in partnering with them for the event in order to provide a wonderful experience for our guests and raise the maximum amount of money we could to support the mission of our school.”

highly recommend Murad Auctions