Dessert Centerpieces: Deliciously Cost-effective


A dessert centerpiece is an elegant and cost-effective way to decorate event tables and cut the cost of expensive flower arrangements. In our Flip Flops and Lemon Drops Seminar, the Anatole Hotel provided a fabulous lunch and shared this idea with the over 150 attendees.  They displayed chocolate shooters in the middle of our tables surrounded by lemon meringue pie spoons, and caramel bundino with salted caramel sauce on our tables.
“It is important to display individual desserts that do not have to be served hot”, explained Lynne Duncan, Director of Catering. The dessert needs to be displayed on the table throughout the event while serving their purpose as both decoration and dessert of course!


Keaton, a culinary student from Chicago, IL, keeps a culinary blog called Keaton’s Kitchen. In September 2010 she baked dessert centerpieces for a woman’s bible study. She made one centerpiece of mini chocolate cakes served in coffee cups to look like little espressos. She created another centerpiece of miniature cheesecakes and one of ‘Dutch’ cake donuts. She decorated the centerpieces with fall leaves and acorns. Keaton also made almond biscotti and miniature tarts which she displayed in leave shaped dishes.
Cupcakes and cake balls are easy to serve and to arrange as the centerpiece. They are also very easy to decorate to go along with the theme of the event. You can also put your dessert in dishes that go along with your theme, such as leaf shaped platters for a fall theme.
For more ideas for dessert centerpieces for your event visit Keaton’s blog: and contact Lynne Duncan at the Anatole Hotel in Dallas, TX  to see the cost effective and fresh new ideas she has to make your next fundraising event fabulous.
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