Fall Event Fundraising Ideas

Fall Event Fundraising Ideas

Fall Event Season has begun and below are some great ideas to help you get off to a great start and begin to take your event to the next level!

Louis Murad with Murad Auctions shared his ideas on effective “fund the mission” strategies for your event.  He showed us specific bid paddles designed to help you raise more money during your “call for cash” as a part of the live auction.  Pick a specific thing you are trying to raise money for, such as heart monitors that cost $2000 apiece, or milk for the school children for a month for $1000.  Ask, “Who would like to buy milk for a month or two heart monitors? ”  .

Shelley Shackleford with Fauxades shared ideas for branding your sponsors at the event.  Elevator wraps are very popular now as are balloons wrapped with sponsor logos. Bars, auction tables and signage can all add function and showcase important aspects of your event.  Think multi functional!  www.fauxades.com.

Kristi Vento with Fresh Meet Media shared the Fast 5 for marketing your event, which includes Engaging Evangelists, Media Love, Social Media Love, Onsite Interactive Engagement, and Post Event Follow up.  She also had a great idea for cupcakes decorated with chocolate QR codes linked to your sponsor’s website!

Kathy Mills with Kathy Mills Productions shared her idea for obtaining an effective Event Chair.  Meet with the board of your nonprofit and pass out papers with titles at the top, such as Banking, Construction, Service, High Tech, etc.  Ask each board member who they know as a leader in each one of these fields and have them write down the names.  Ask the board member if they would be willing to call this person and set up a meeting with them, and you, the Development Director.  Tell them NOT to ask this person to be the Event Chair on the phone.  Go to the meeting and discuss your mission, why you want them to be the event chair and ask them in person if they will help you.  This person brings value to your event because they will bring their friends and new money and influence to your event.

Collaborate between several nonprofits and plan one single event.  You will gain more exposure, and make more money than if you held two smaller events.

Search for Foundations and apply for grants.  Google “Texas Foundations” and do some research to find out the best places to apply based on your nonprofit’s mission.

Linda Sergeant  shared ideas on linens and how you can be creative and inexpensive or elaborate.  Keep in mind your big donors and what their tastes are if they have a large influence on your event. Talk to the experts about your budget first and they will work with you! https://bbjlatavola.com/

Lynne Duncan from the Hilton Anatole shared her new foodie idea and told us that whoopee pies are very “in” now.  Another great idea:  food trucks out front where guests snack as they wait for valet to bring their cars around.  Also people are expecting healthier food at events. http://www.hiltonanatolehotel.com.

Steve Peacock with PSAV shared ideas on changing a room drastically by changing the lighting.  New equipment is now available that can create an entire scene on a wall, so now it is easy to project a beach in the Hamptons or a mountain scene very inexpensively compared to the props used previously.    Also, you can share space with a corporate group who has been using your ballroom all week or with a wedding party and collaborate on AV, lighting, decorations, flowers and food.  Share costs and save $ www.psav.com.

Claire Murad with Murad Auctions shared her ideas for showcasing a donor in the silent auction with business cards, a QR code with a link to their website or an electronic photo frame showcasing the donor’s products and services.  Also, find creative ways to cleanly display your silent auction items and keep the auction items to no more than ½ the number of people attending your event.  See the slideshow for examples. www.muradauctions.com.

Chris Arredondo with Eclipse Entertainment shared ideas for setting your event apart using talent and excitement.  Visit his website for more ideas.  http://eclipseentertainment.com/

Auction & Event Solutions shared ideas for Sponsorship Opportunities.  Anything your guests see at the event can be a sponsorship such as the valet station, the check in desk, the silent auction tables, the bars.  These can all have a sponsor logo on them.  If you are using bid sheets, include a sponsor logo on them, or if you are using computerized bidding, showcase a sponsor logo on the computers and phone bidding screen.  Live Auction bid paddles can be printed with a sponsor logo as well as the receipts at check out.  The goody bags are sold to sponsors and they are allowed give your guests coupons, gifts and marketing materials.  Keep in mind that your guests are the perfect customers for many businesses and they will pay for the right to market their products to them via a sponsorship.  www.aesdfw.com.

Plan the date of your event wisely.  Check out The RSVP Calendar in Dallas and Collin County to see who else is holding an event on your night.  Many industry “experts” such as your event planner, auctioneer, and catering companies and hotels know the dates of the larger events in town, so call and ask before you book a date when many people will have to choose between your event and another.  Consider holding your event on a Thursday or Friday night!