Fundraising Idea: Chicken Poop Bingo

Chicken Poop Bingo is a fun, hilarious fundraising idea for any western or farm-themed fundraising event. 

Chicken Poop Bingo is a fun, hilarious fundraising idea for any western or farm-themed fundraising event.  This type of fundraiser will get a lot of buzz from your guests and donors.  

Our client The Farmstead Museum hosted a Chicken Poop fundraiser at their farm, and it was a big success. Guests enjoyed this very popular fundraiser game, which fit perfectly with the theme and mission of this nonprofit.

How To Get Chickens, Coop, And Bingo Board For This Unique Fundraising Idea

If you have them, you can use your own chickens to play the game. If your nonprofit doesn’t own chickens to use for this fundraiser, you can rent them or borrow them from a local farm. You can ask a local feed store or other company to sponsor this raffle.  Make sure to list them as sponsors of your event. Make a sponsor sign and post it near the game area. There are also party game companies who may bring the raffle game to your event. Do a search near your location to find one.

chicken poop bingo fundraiser coop

Use a chicken coop like the one above.  If you don’t have a chicken coop, ask handy volunteers to construct one. 

Next, make or recruit volunteers to make a bingo game board. Make 48 squares and paint or adhere numbers in each square. Insert the giant bingo board in the bottom of the cage.

What Signs To Display At Your Chicken Poop Bingo Fundraiser

chicken poop bingo fundraising idea rules
chicken poop bingo fundraising idea winner board

Display game rules and prizes near the game.  We love this reusable chalkboard that displays the winner’s name for each game.  It can be used year after year.  Be sure to update it after each game.

Secure outgoing volunteers at the event to explain the game to guests and sell the squares.  Using our event management software makes this easy. We prescan guests’ credit cards at check in and then all they have to do is give us their name or bid number and we add the game to their receipt and charge their credit card at the end of the night.  A receipt is emailed to them showing all their purchases.

Decide if you want to have eight or 10 games (rounds). Make the last game a grand prize round. 

chicken poop bingo fundraising idea prizes

One of our clients called their grand prize round Farm Frenzy. The prize was an evening in Italy prize basket worth $650. The basket included these prizes and more: a $500 gift certificate for dinner in the private dining room of a popular local Italian restaurant, a bottle of white wine and a bottle of red wine to enjoy on their own or bring to the restaurant to enjoy. The winner was also allowed to exchange the bottles for other selections from the restaurant’s extensive wine selection.

Name each game.  Here are some names from Chicken Poop Bingo fundraisers hosted by some of our clients:

  1. Rooster Riot
  2. Brooder Brawl
  3. Poulette Roulette
  4. Chicken Scratch
  5. Wild Wattle
  6. The Scrambler
  7. The Dusting
  8. Farm Frenzy

How To Play Chicken Poop Bingo

Guests purchase a square on the Chicken Poop Bingo board for $5, $10, or five for $20. To play in the grand prize round, they purchase three squares for $25.

Guests gather around the cage to watch and cheer on the chicken to  poop on their square. Sometimes, it can take up to 20 minutes for the chicken to find the perfect spot to poop. So, encourage guests to enjoy a cold drink while they wait to see where the poop lands.

A designated person, called the wrangler, sprinkles chicken feed on the giant bingo board at the beginning of the round. A chicken is placed in the cage. The chicken just goes to town on the feed, scratching away and occasionally darting after guests’ fingers dangling in the cage.  After the much-anticipated poop falls, the guest who has the winning square for that round turns it in to receive the prize.

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