Fundraising Ideas

There are several fundraising ideas that non-profits can use to get more valuable auction items donated to increase the profits of their fundraiser.  

Fundraising Ideas

How do you get higher valued items?  They key is ASKING! Start with your board.  Have everyone pull out a piece of paper and write down the names of business owners they know as you go down a list of items you desire.  Start big!  Car dealerships, travel agencies, vacation properties, airlines, sports teams, owners of boxes at sporting events and concerts, hunting ranches, chefs, high end restaurants, private plane owners etc. 

Ask each board member to commit to getting 5 items for the auction.  Set goals for your solicitation team and give a prize to the board member who brings in the most items above a certain dollar amount.

For the silent auction, encourage your solicitors to ask for donations valued at least $100 or more.  Business and store owners may not give you $100 item, but they might give you something worth $75!  If you just walk in and ask for a donation without specifying the value, most people will walk out with a $10 or $20 dollar item. Also, have an idea of the exact item you would like a retailer to donate, and ask for it specifically.

Offer to display some information about your donor’s business on the auction table and in the catalog.  Include a QR code on the display card and in the auction catalog, both online and printed.  This QR code will direct them to the donor’s website.

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