A Great Gatsby fundraiser theme brings the 1925 novel to life and is a fun way to raise money for your non-profit. One of our clients hosted a successful fundraiser using this theme.  Guests enjoyed recreating the characters Jay Gatsby, Daisy Buchanan and Nick Carraway from the popular novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald.

A Great Gatsby fundraiser will provide guests the opportunity to use their imaginations to dress like they’re in the Roaring 20s.  The guests below definitely enjoyed creating fashions from this era.

 Great Gatsby Fundraiser Theme


Fashion For Your Great Gatsby Fundraiser

Fashion For Your Great Gatsby Fundraiser

Fashion will be a major part of your Great Gatsby fundraiser.  To add even more interest, you can have a contest for the best costume.  Use your imaginations to incorporate this idea into your theme.  Start off with a bobbed wig or pin your hair in styles that were popular in the 20s.  When searching for costumes, look for handheld feather fans, beaded fringe dresses, flapper dresses, 1920s feather or sequined headpieces/headbands, 1920s feather or fur wraps/shawls, dropped-waist dresses, sequined mermaid long flapper gowns, etc. Here are some examples:

Fashion For Your Great Gatsby Fundraiser

When planning their costumes, men should look for things like fedora hats, bow tie, spats, armband garters, vests, pinstripe suits, y-back suspenders, pocket watches, etc.

Décor For Your Great Gatsby Fundraiser

Décor For Your Great Gatsby Fundraiser

Your décor for this fundraiser theme should focus on the Roaring 20s or Art Deco.  Some ideas include a variety of 1920s silhouette cardboard cutouts, Great Gatsby silhouette cutouts, 20s classic car cutouts, art deco columns, art deco posters, jazz posters, Great Gatsby posters, Roaring 20s banners. For your table décor, you can also add flowers to pre-made themed centerpiece boxes.

Photo Backdrops and Photo Props For Your Great Gatsby Fundraiser

Photo backdrops are a great way to engage your guests and help them capture memories of the event.  There are numerous options for photo backdrops focusing on Art Deco, the Roaring 20s. and 1920s classic cars.  There are also some that are specifically for Great Gatsby parties.

Have a wide array of photo props available for you guest to use in a photo booth, in front of the backdrop or in a designated photo area.

Having an appealing photo backdrop will also increase the exposure of your non-profit because guests will want to share the photos on social media.  For more information, check out our blog and video about how to use social media to promote your fundraiser.

Party Favors For Your Great Gatsby Fundraiser

Your guests will also like to receive party favors at your event.  Try to find party favor boxes related to 1920s, Roaring 20s, Art Deco, or the Great Gatsby.  One option is to use premade themed party favor boxes. A second option is to add themed stickers or labels to plain boxes, water bottles, wine bottles, mini candle jars and even cupcakes. There are also premade themed candy bar wrappers and stickers you can add to the bottom of Hershey’s Kisses.

Great Gatsby Themed Live Surprise Boxes

Make live surprise boxes that look like small tuxedo suits for a Gatsby themed fundraiser. One of our clients raised $5,000 with this tip! Give us a call so we can show you how to do this at your event!

Great Gatsby Themed Live Surprise Boxes

Costume shops, Amazon and prop/party rental businesses like Shag Carpet Props are great places to find items for your fundraiser. Use the search terms below or variations of them to find all types of things for your event.


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Use these ideas and tips to plan a memorable, creative and enjoyable Great Gatsby fundraiser for your guests. Please contact us if you need assistance in planning your event or if you have questions.  We will be happy to help.

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