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How to Manage your Gift Cards to Create More Profit at Your Next Fundraising Event!

Everyone loves having gift cards as a part of their silent auction.  They are easy for your supporters to donate, and everyone likes to buy them at your event.  How can we sell them creatively?  We have some fun ways to take your gift card auction to the next level.

First, instead of using lots of bid sheets on the auction table to sell your gift cards, make your auction more accessible and sell your gift cards online through our online auction and mobile bidding software. Gift cards usually sell for full value, and they are easy to ship to people who are not attending your event! Your supporters can share the auction with their friends and family to expand your donor base and allow more people to support your cause!  Learn more about how this works HERE.

If you do want to sell the gift cards at your event, use these ideas for different types of “pulls” to attract the attention of your guests and increase your profits!:

Candy Boxes

Tape a gift card to the back of each different candy box. Guests pay $25 and choose the candy they want to purchase, and also receive a gift card!

Fork Pull

Set up a display of small plastic forks and number them. The guest pays $25 for a chance to pick their fork, which corresponds to a numbered gift card in a file box that will be given to the guest.

Forks can be displayed on a board as shown or can be placed upright in a shallow bowl with beans, rocks or beads holding them up!

Under The Sea

Take tree branches and paint them orange and blue to make them look like coral. Or you can also use pool noodles cut to look like coral! See how to do this on our Pinterest page! Hang up numbered fish and have guests choose one to pick a gift card!

Mardi Gras

Number different masks and let your guests pick their favorite to win a gift card! Each mask is numbered to a corresponding gift card. If it is a school auction, have the students make them so mom and dad have to buy their child’s mask!

Mystery Bags

Pay $25 to choose a mystery bag and get a gift card inside!

Wine & Dine

Wine Pulls are a great fundraiser, but what about a wine & dine? Have your guests pay $25 to pick either a bottle of wine or a chip to win a gift card to a restaurant. To give them a better deal, get 3 for the price of $60, and let them mix and match.

You can also have guests choose from numbered corks to win a bottle and a numbered for a restaurant gift card, and call it Forks and Corks!