How To Use QR Codes At A Fundraiser To Raise More Money

There are several ways to use QR codes at a fundraiser to help raise more money for your non-profit. In this blog, the fundraising experts at Murad Auctions will share various ideas. This blog includes QR codes that some of our clients have used.

Using QR codes has become popular, so your supporters understand how to use them. It’s easier to scan these codes than to type a web address into your computer or mobile device. According to QR Code Generator, which is a free service, QR code usage was up 152% in 2022. Here’s a link to QR Code Generator to help you create these codes for your non-profit.

Use QR Codes To Simplify Accessing Details About Your Fundraiser

You can use QR codes to simplify communicating the details about your fundraising event to your supporters. They can be used to make it easy for your supporters to access your ticket page, online auction, and donation page. 

Use Auction Services Software With Your QR Codes

QR codes are even more effective when used with our auction services software.  If you link your QR codes to this type of software, your supporters can purchase tickets, donate, browse auction items, get event details, support auction sponsors, get more details about your non-profit, donate items for auction, and much more. These are examples of what your patron’s will see when they click the QR codes:

Scan the QR code to see samples of other pages that the QR code can link to:

How To Use QR Codes To Promote Your Fundraising Event

The key to selling lots of tickets to your event is to make it easy for guests

to purchase them. QR codes can help you do this. You can add them to your paper or digital gala invitation and promotional materials, such as posters and banners. Patrons can quickly scan the code to access your ticket website or online auction.

Here is an example of what patrons will see if the QR code is linked to your customized auction software pages:

How To Use QR Codes To Promote School Fundraisers

Banners placed in strategic locations can help promote your fundraising event as well. This is easy to do for schools. You can place banners at the entrance of the carpool line area or the school entrance. Print your QR codes that link to the ticket page and auction page on the banners. This makes it super easy for parents to just scan the code and

purchase their tickets or start bidding in your auction.

One of our clients used QR codes creatively promote the school’s fundraiser. They placed name tags on each child that had a QR code linked to the online auction. Parents simply scanned the name tags on their children, and they had immediate access to the auction site. 

Other non-profits can use QR codes similarly by placing banners or signs in various locations, such as supporters’ businesses. 

How To Use QR Codes At Your Fundraising Event

Use QR Code On Event Program

QR codes can be used creatively at your fundraising event in several ways. Add a code in your digital or printed event program that you give out during check-in. Link it to your sponsor shout-out page on your website to help thank and promote sponsors.  

Use QR Codes On Event Signs

Sponsor and donor signs are great ways to showcase your sponsors and donors. Signs can be placed around your venue. Take advantage of this opportunity to promote your sponsors by including QR codes that link to sponsors’ websites. 

Another idea is to use QR codes that link to special coupons from sponsors. This helps bring sponsors more customers, and happy sponsors continue to support you. The image above was used in a digital program.

Use QR Codes On Silent Auction Tables And Auction Display Sheets

Silent auction tables and your auction display sheets are great places to use QR code signs that link to donor websites Use our auction software to check in your guests and send a text with a personal bidding link.  If you don’t have a check in, guests can scan the QR code and go directly to the auction site to begin bidding.

Use QR Codes Throughout The Venue And At Dinner Tables

Create QR codes that take guests directly to your digital program, donation page, and the Live Auction item page to view all the details about your live auction items. These can be placed all around your event space, including dinner tables.

Attach a tag with a QR code to make it easy to sell your table centerpieces. Add QR codes on your projection slides at the event as well.

Ideas To Use QR Codes At Carnivals And Concerts

There are many ways to use QR codes at carnival or concert events. Use these codes to link to the auction donation page and raffle tickets. 

Ideas To Use QR Codes At Golf Tournaments

You can also use these codes at golf tournaments and clay shoots to sell hole-in-one and mulligans. Put a QR code that links to a specific page on each golf cart. Print the QR code on removable vinyl and adhere it to the golf carts.

Watch Our QR Code Video Series

We also have a 3-part video series about how to effectively use QR codes at your fundraiser.

Have Questions About How To Use QR Codes For Your Fundraiser?

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