Increase Bidding with a Theatrical Dessert Live Auction Item

We have a great idea for a delicious live auction item that will increase bidding at your next event. If you have a fabulous chef at your event, or can invite one to show off his skills, you can create a theatrical dessert live auction package.  We suggest you hold the live auction during dinner and hold the dessert until the live auction is over.  As the last live auction item, sell a special flaming dessert prepared table side.  Some examples of flaming desserts are Bananas Foster, Baked Alaska, or Cafe Au Lait , a flaming coffee dessert prepared to a violin solo of Flight of the Bumble Bees.   Flaming Beehive Enniscorthy could be another choice, which sounds quite interesting and the link to the recipe can be found here.

Have the auctioneer sell this special dessert theatrical show to the table of the highest bidder. The dessert will be served immediately after the live auction to all the guests at the winner’s table, while the other guests are served their less flamboyant desserts!  Having the chef in his chef’s jacket on stage as the dessert is sold is a great idea.  If you have a very brief video or pictures of the chef preparing such a dessert, you profits will be even higher!  Try it at your next auction!

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