Over The Rainbow Fundraiser Theme

Over The Rainbow Fundraiser Theme

This blog will focus on the Over The Rainbow fundraiser theme. One of our nonprofit clients recently hosted this type of fundraiser.  If you’re looking for a colorful fundraiser that has a joyful atmosphere, this event might be perfect for your organization.

Over The Rainbow Fundraiser Theme Decor

Decor at Over The Rainbow Fundraising Event
Table Decor At Over The Rainbow Fundraiser
Door Decor At Over The Rainbow Fundraiser
Butterfly Gift Card Pull Fundraiser
Signs at Over The Rainbow Fundraising Event
Silent Auction At Over The Rainbow Fundraising Event

This type of fundraiser theme features beautiful balloons as the décor. Our client’s décor included balloon arches, balloon bouquets floating from the centers of each dining table and flanking the doors to the ballroom. The silent auction tables had brightly-colored signs indicating the categories of the silent auction. The theme was consistently displayed on the programs, the games, at the event, and the stage area.

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