School Fundraising Ideas

Murad Auctions has compiled a list of several easy and creative school fundraising ideas you can use as auction items at your next fundraising event.

When brainstorming for ideas, think of fun, unique experiences or privileges that would appeal to students and/or staff. Ask your teachers or administrators to put together a party or activity that the children will enjoy. Help them determine prices for each (if any) and underwrite the cost of the party if needed.  The following are some examples:

  • Breakfast with the Teachers at McDonalds or Chick Fil A
  • Pajama Party and Story Time with the Librarian
  • Picnic with a Favorite Teacher
  • Birthday Party in the Art Room hosted by the Art Teacher
  • Christmas Cookie Making Party
  • Mad Scientist Party in the Science lab
  • Trip to the Science Museum with the Biology Teacher
  • Lunch With the Front Desk Staff
  • Open the School- Have you ever wondered what the school is like before everyone arrives?
  • Trip to the Summer Musicals or Shakespeare in the Park with Drama Teacher
  • Ball Boy for a Football Game
  • Cheerleader for the Day
  • Assistant Coach for the Day

Below are some additional fundraising ideas for your school:

Out of Uniform Days

If your school requires uniforms, offer a few (2-4) Free Dress Days and sell the group of days to students for $25.

Be Your Favorite Teacher or The Principal For The Day

This would be a great experience for students. It would give them the opportunity to learn what it would be like to be their favorite teacher or principal for the day.  They will see first-hand what is involved in preparing for a class, leading and teaching students.


Lunch Room Manager for the Day!


A child can be the lunch room manager for the day! They can pick the menu, help purchase the food and serve your friends, wearing the hairnet and apron!

Parent Occupation Experiences


In addition, you can offer a day with a local fireman, or a ride to breakfast in the fire truck, a ride along with the police chief, a doctor for the day, the mayor for the day, etc. If your parents have interesting jobs like a judge, local news anchor, DJ, restaurant owner, or other business owner, see if they would provide an experience for a child.

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