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Louis Murad is a professional, full time, licensed auctioneer who knows how to keep your attendees entertained and bidding! He and our other auctioneers specialize in working in the Charity Fundraising Arena. We consult with non profits, schools, and other fund raising entities to increase the profits of all types of fundraising events. These include live and silent auctions, online auctions, awards dinners and luncheons, golf tournaments and other events. Louis is a sought after speaker at seminars around the country.

Louis is a native of Dallas and a graduate of Jesuit College Preparatory School and Southern Methodist University.

He is a member of the National Auctioneers Association and holds the Benefit Auction Specialist designation.

While there is a hard cost to hiring an auctioneer, the results of the live auction are the reflection of the real cost, which is a profit center for our clients.  If we can help you raise more money in your live auction by working with your committee to obtain more valuable items, structure the timing of the event to facilitate a more profitable auction and perform better on stage to engage the participation of your audience, your bottom line profits will be higher.  We see this happen time and again with our clients, and this the reason we are hired over other auctioneers.  We deliver better results.

We are committed to helping your organization reach its highest potential in raising funds by “Taking Your Event to the Next Level”!

Professional Charity Auctioneers

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