Ideas For A Storybook Fundraiser Theme

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The Storybook fundraiser theme provides numerous opportunities to create a memorable story about your nonprofit’s mission.  A great example is how  a children’s advocacy center incorporated the organization’s mission into the theme in several creative ways.

First, they promoted the theme on their fundraiser/auction website. They created and posted compelling graphics that explained the fundraiser theme and the organization’s mission.

Storybook Fundraiser sign

Storybook Fundraising Event Décor

Next, they incorporated the theme into the décor. When guests entered the fundraiser venue, they were greeted by a beautiful backdrop. There was also a large display made of books and flowers.  This décor attracted guests’ attention right away and was a lovely backdrop for them to take pictures.  

Decor for Storybook fundraising event

If you decide to use this décor in your fundraiser, encourage guests to take photos using it as a backdrop. Provide selfie sticks and give them the hashtag for your event, so they can share the photos on social media. This is a great way to get exposure for your event.

It’s also a good idea to hire a professional photographer to help capture memories. These photos can be posted on your organization’s social media and included in any post event communication, such as your newsletter/e-mail marketing.  Include details about the event, such as how much money was raised, etc. This also gives you a chance to let readers know that it’s not too late to donate to your cause.  

The décor also included a large banner with a short story about the significance of the fundraiser. It read: Once upon a time, Grayson County came together to provide the resources necessary to impact the lives of the most vulnerable and wounded.  They dined, and they donated.  What could be better than helping a child have a happier story to tell?  The End. This was a creative way to help guests focus on the nonprofit’s mission during the event.

Storybook fundraiser decor idea

The theme was carried through to the dinner tables as well. They were decorated with several books that were topped with candles and flowers.

storybook fundraiser decor

How To Showcase Sponsors At Storybook Fundraiser

Another clever idea was to include their sponsors’ names in the theme. The levels of sponsorships were words related to books, such as Illustrating Sponsor and Editing Sponsor.

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