Utilize the Hotel Venue for Your Event

At our recent seminar at the Anatole, Lynne Duncan shared more ideas about how to save money by utilizing a hotel for your venue. One idea she had was to contact other charity events that will be going on at the hotel during the week of your event.  Contact the other charities and ask them if you can share centerpieces, AV, and décor, as well as the prices for these items. This can help save money for both events and save time putting up and taking down the decorations.You can very easily change the look of room by changing the color of the lighting. PSAV Presentation Services, who were also a contributor at our seminar said, “Setting up audio and visual effects is time consuming and can be expensive. It makes sense to see if you can work with another group so this process can be done once and the cost can be shared.”

LED lighting is the best and least expensive way to transform a room with light. The Anatole demonstrated this idea by changing the color of light in pedestals used to display auction items, the check in desk, and in the backdrop. Then as the color of the light changes the whole look of the room changes as well.

You can share decorations and AV lighting with up to five events. This way you can insure that your event will still look unique while being cost-effective.

It is also important to acknowledge the hotel in the sponsorship material for helping make this process work for you.

Next blog will share ideas from Kate Fischel with Fauxcades on how to utilize room décor to incorporate your sponsorships.  Check back next week to get more great ideas!

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