Birthday-Party-Auction-Theme-IdeaA birthday party is a fun and flexible auction theme idea.  Our client The Birthday Party Project recently had a wonderful, successful birthday party fundraiser to celebrate their sixth birthday. This blog provides tips to help you plan a great birthday party auction theme.

Select A Birthday Party Theme

To get started on this auction theme idea, you need to select a birthday party theme.  The possibilities are endless.  The Birthday Party Project selected a Toy Town theme.  They encouraged guests to dress as their favorite toy or game.  Guests, like the ones below, had a blast showing off their costumes.

60s Mod Auction Theme CostumesIn the previous year, the organization chose a 60s Mod theme. Guests wore all types of costumes representing the 60s. It was a fun flashback to that era.

Create Invitations

Next, send out an invitation to supporters/donors and add the information on your website.  Make sure you list sponsors, host committee members and party partners on your website. Check out their website!

Here is The Birthday Party Project’s invitation to the event:


Auction-Event-InvitationSelect Creative Décor

The Birthday Party Project used a wide array of creative, eye-catching décor that corresponded to the theme.  Here is an example:

Select-Creative-DecorProvide A Variety of Tasty Foods

They selected food that complemented the décor and the theme.  There were lots of great treats that are popular at birthday parties, including donuts loaded with lots of sweet extras and all types of cookies and candies.  Of course, there was a birthday cake. The treats were displayed in an area they called Candyland.

Provide A Variety of Tasty FoodsMake Check in Easy and Fun!

Take Me To Toy Town Coloring Book

The Birthday Party Project's bid paddle

A bid paddle for the live auction can be fun!  The Birthday Party Project’s bid paddle was a coloring book and also functioned as their program!  The bid number was printed large on the back and we gave out VIP lanyards to all the sponsors.  They utilized mobile bidding, so each guest received a text message as they checked in welcoming them to bid in the silent auction!

VIP Fast PassHave Fun Games

A birthday party isn’t complete without fun and games.  They used numerous games that were perfect for the theme.  Here is an example of their slide, which they called Oh Chute. Each ride was $5! We were able to capture all their slide sales on iPads to make it easy for the guests to participate.

Oh Chute

Oh Chute Slide

Offer Fundraiser Items

They also included a store, which featured numerous retail items such as watches, hoodies, baseball caps and costumes and more. They had displays throughout the venue to direct attention to the store.

 The Joy Store

Thank Everyone Who Helped Make The Event A Success


Another step in planning a successful birthday party theme fundraiser is to thank your supporters, sponsors and everyone else who helped with the event.  Use your newsletter to send the special thank you note. Display the information on your website as well. Include a link to the pictures of your event!  This will drive people to your website and, hopefully, they will learn more about your cause! Our photo booth emails pictures to your attendees. We also send you all the images, so you can share them on your website.  Learn more about our photo booth here!)

Check out what The Birthday Party Project sent out after their event.

Thank You

To see more auction theme ideas, visit our Pinterest page.

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