Fundraising Ideas for Increased Profits

Live Auction Fundraiser Tips: Creative Ways to Display Auction Items 

By Claire Murad | Jun 22, 2023

This blog provides live auction fundraiser tips on how to creatively display auction items, including big boards and live auction previews. These methods will help you create an unforgettable atmosphere and increase the success of your fundraiser. Displaying live auction items effectively at your fundraiser plays a crucial role in capturing guests’ attention and encouraging…

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Country western fundraiser theme ideas.

Country Western Fundraiser Theme Ideas

By Claire Murad | May 24, 2023

A Country Western theme is a popular, profitable fundraiser motif for non-profits. This blog will share numerous creative ideas from some of the western fundraisers we have managed for clients. Theme Name Ideas We have helped clients host a variety of successful western theme fundraisers that had creative names.  Use your imagination and create a…

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How To Use Live Auction Bid Paddles To Improve Fundraiser Success

By Claire Murad | Apr 14, 2023

There are lots of creative ways to use live auction bid paddles to improve fundraiser success. They are an important part of the success of your live auction because they help your event run more smoothly in a variety of ways. Bid paddles are typically used during the live auction. Your supporters raise their bid…

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How To Effectively Showcase Your Mission To Convey How Fundraiser Money Will Be Used

By Claire Murad | Apr 13, 2023

It’s important to know how to effectively showcase your mission to communicate how money from your fundraiser will be used.  If you do this well, it can help you retain and grow supporters. There are several ways to creatively convey your non-profit’s mission.  To do this, you must focus on the main information that donors…

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18 Kid And Family-Oriented School Fundraisers

By Claire Murad | Mar 6, 2023

Having kid and family-oriented sign-up party school fundraisers provide numerous creative ways to level up your next fundraiser. These types of fundraisers are popular and fun for the whole family. Each has a different theme and a limited number of spots for purchase.  Parents purchase a spot so their child can participate in a party…

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School Fundraiser Ideas: 22 Popular Sign-up Parties For Parents

By Claire Murad | Mar 6, 2023

Sign up parties for parents are fun and profitable school fundraisers. This blog, which is part of a 2-part series, will give you 18 popular school fundraiser ideas to help plan sign-up parties for parents. The second blog will focus on kid and family-oriented sign-up parties. Sign up parties for parents focus on activities created…

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How To Use QR Codes At A Fundraiser To Raise More Money

By Claire Murad | Feb 7, 2023

There are several ways to use QR codes at a fundraiser to help raise more money for your non-profit. In this blog, the fundraising experts at Murad Auctions will share various ideas. This blog includes QR codes that some of our clients have used. Using QR codes has become popular, so your supporters understand how…

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Banana Flambe Used In Dessert Fundraiser

Try A Dessert Fundraiser To Sweeten Your Event Profits

By Claire Murad | Jan 5, 2023

A dessert fundraiser is a great way to sweeten your fundraiser profits. We’ve seen desserts generate thousands of dollars at various fundraising events. This blog will show you multiple ways to use these sweet treats to raise money for your non-profit. Cake Live Auction Dessert Fundraiser One dessert fundraiser option is a cake live auction.…

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Fashion Fundraiser Ideas: Designer Handbag Fundraiser

Fundraiser Ideas: Use Fashion To Raise Money For Your Non-Profit

By Claire Murad | Dec 15, 2022

Need fun and unique fundraiser ideas? Try fashion fundraisers. There are a variety of creative ways to use fashion to raise money for your non-profit. Fashion can be the theme of your fundraiser, or you can add fashion-oriented games to your event to produce supplemental income. The possibilities are endless, and it will be very…

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