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Fundraising Ideas for Increased Profits

How To Get Wine Donated For A Wine Pull Fundraiser

By Claire Murad | Sep 11, 2018

There are a variety of great ways to get wine donated for your non-profit’s wine pull fundraiser. In case you are unfamiliar with a wine pull, it is a popular and fun fundraiser that provides guests a chance to win a bottle of wine at a fundraising event. All of the following content is an excerpt…

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Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame Decor

Rock N Roll Hall of Fame School Fundraiser Theme

By Claire Murad | Jul 20, 2018

Try a Rock N Roll Hall of Fame theme for your next school fundraiser. It’s a fun and entertaining theme that will take your event to the next level.  This blog will provide ideas and information about where you can find items to purchase or use as inspiration to create your own décor, centerpieces, props,…

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Themed Fundraising Basket For Wine Lovers

Need a Fundraiser Idea? 

By Claire Murad | Jun 19, 2018

Need a fundraiser idea? Try themed baskets. They’re creative and versatile and will appeal to a variety of interests. In addition, baskets help you pull together several small auction item donations to create a larger, more profitable auction package to sell at your event! To plan themed baskets, select items for baskets based on the themes…

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Murad Auctions

Murad Auctions Receives Recognition For Blog Writing

By Claire Murad | May 22, 2018

Feedspot recently selected Murad Auctions’ blog as one of the Top 25 Auction blogs to follow in 2018. Our website was also selected as one of the top websites to visit. Feedspot helps website visitors save time by providing all their favorite blogs and websites in one location, eliminating the need to go to each individually.…

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How to Use Playing Cards or a Spinning Wheel in a Wine Pull Fundraiser

How to Use Playing Cards or a Spinning Wheel in a Wine Pull Fundraiser

By Claire Murad | Apr 23, 2018

Are you planning to have a wine pull fundraiser? Try using playing cards or a spinning wheel to change up this popular revenue-generating activity.  A wine pull is a fundraiser that provides guests a chance to draw for wine at a fundraising event.  Typically, in a wine pull, you ask guests to pay $25 or more…

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Themed Baskets Are Great Silent Auction Ideas

Themed Baskets Are Great Silent Auction Ideas

By Claire Murad | Mar 18, 2018

Using themed baskets in your silent auction is a great way to pull small items together to make more profitable packages to sell. Recently, a Murad Auction’s client offered a variety of creative baskets.  I think these will get your creative juices flowing and help you come up with some great baskets for your next…

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Birthday Party Auction Theme Idea

By Claire Murad | Feb 25, 2018

A birthday party is a fun and flexible auction theme idea.  Our client The Birthday Party Project recently had a wonderful, successful birthday party fundraiser to celebrate their sixth birthday. This blog provides tips to help you plan a great birthday party auction theme. Select A Birthday Party Theme To get started on this auction…

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Hastag Share

Fundraiser Tip—Use Social Media To Promote Your Fundraiser

By Claire Murad | Jan 15, 2018

Fundraiser Tip—Use Social Media To Promote Your Fundraiser A great fundraiser tip for non-profits is to use social media to promote your fundraiser. Using this powerful marketing tool during a fundraiser can help increase awareness about your event and your non-profit. This will increase exposure for your non-profit because the guests’ posts appear on their social media pages for…

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Wish Mannequin

Wish Mannequin Fundraiser

By Claire Murad | Dec 14, 2017

A wish mannequin is a unique fundraiser for your nonprofit event. Use wish mannequins to display the needs of your non-profit.  This works well because guests can easily see the needs of your nonprofit displayed in a creative way, can choose the need and make the donation to fulfill this need.  They can select the…

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