Butterfly Gift Card Pull Fundraising Idea

Butterfly Gift Card Pull Fundraising Idea

A butterfly gift card pull is a profitable, colorful fundraising idea that works great for a garden party, Mariposa, or nature-themed event. In this fundraiser, guests pay to draw numbered butterflies to win prizes.

How This Fundraising Idea Works

Display a variety of colorful butterflies at a table for guests to choose from.  Encourage them to pick more than one. Make sure all your guests must pass by the table before they enter the cocktail area or dining room.

Butterfly Gift Card Pull Fundraiser

Guests pay $25 to pick a decorative butterfly that has a number under its wing that corresponds to an envelope containing a gift card. The guest receives the gift card in the envelope.

Fundraiser Idea:  Butterfly Gift Card Pull
Fundraising idea:  Butterfly Gift Card Pull

Ask Supporters To Donate Gift Cards For Your Fundraiser

Asks your supporters to donate gift cards for your fundraiser. This is usually a simple task because they love donating to a worthy cause.  Remember to list them as supporters of your event in your program or at the table where you are selling the butterflies.

Include a variety of gift cards in a variety of denominations to increase interest and excitement.

Make most of the gift cards worth $25, but also include some envelopes that contain gift cards worth $50 or $100.  This gives them a chance to win something worth more than they paid.

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