Hosting a Monopoly-Theme Fundraiser

Hosting a Monopoly-Theme Fundraiser

Hosting a Monopoly-themed fundraiser gala is a creative and engaging way to raise money for your nonprofit. The key to a successful Monopoly-inspired fundraiser is to create an immersive experience that blends nostalgia, fun, and philanthropy. Your guests will enjoy the atmosphere and participating in various activities, while supporting a great cause. In this blog, we’ll share ideas and details to help you organize a successful, memorable, and profitable fundraising event.

Venue Decor

Monopoly-inspired venue décor, photo backdrops and table décor.

Transform the venue into a giant Monopoly board with spaces named after local landmarks or businesses that have sponsored the event. Use warm, ambient lighting to create an inviting atmosphere that complements the Monopoly-themed decor.

Monopoly-inspired venue décor, photo backdrops and table décor can be purchased on Amazon. Search for Monopoly party decorations and Monopoly party décor.

Monopoly-inspired Backdrops

Create photo backdrops featuring iconic Monopoly images. Encourage guests to take photos in front of the backdrops and share them on social media with event hashtags to increase engagement.

Table Décor


Create centerpieces resembling oversized Monopoly boards. The centerpieces should include items such as Monopoly houses, hotels, fake money, and property cards. To add a touch of glamour to the table, use LED lights to illuminate the centerpieces.

Another idea is to place oversized Monopoly pieces, such as the thimble, car, and top hat, as decorative accents on each table. Here are some other centerpiece ideas:


Monopoly-theme Place Settings

Design place settings to resemble Monopoly property cards with table numbers as addresses. Use Monopoly money as napkin rings or place card holders, adding a playful element to the table decor.

Chance and Community Chest

Incorporate Chance and Community Chest cards into the table décor. If possible, have each card include a fun fact about the cause you’re supporting.

Contests and Games

Games add an extra layer of excitement and engagement to your Monopoly-theme fundraiser gala, encouraging guests to participate while supporting the cause.

Monopoly Property Hunt

Hide Monopoly property cards or Monopoly-themed tokens throughout the venue and challenge guests to find them. Offer prizes for guests who collect a complete set of properties or find special hidden tokens.

Monopoly Money Wheel

Create a large spinning wheel that has various Monopoly-inspired prizes. Guests purchase spins to play the game. Watch our video for more information.

Monopoly-Inspired Gift Card Pull

In this fundraiser game, guests purchase money bags filled with a certain number of coins. Place a number that corresponds to a gift card on the back of some of the coins. Mix them with coins that are not numbered and place them in the bags. If guests select a bag that has a numbered coin(s), they win the gift card(s). Some prizes could include luxury spa packages, gift cards to exclusive restaurants, luxury hotel stays, wine shop gift card, etc.  For more information, watch our video.

Monopoly-Inspired Mystery Key Fundraiser Game

Display five Monopoly-inspired prizes in a locked clear case. Offer 50-100 keys that could possibly unlock the case. Guests purchase keys, hoping they select one of the five keys that open the lock. This is a fun and suspenseful game that your guests will enjoy as that wait to see who chose the right keys.

Monopoly-Inspired Blind Wine Pull

Place bottles of wine in Monopoly-inspired money bags, which can be purchase from Amazon. Place a bottle of wine in each bag and display them on a table. Include several expensive bottles of wine. Guests pay to select a mystery bottle of wine. Decorate the table with scattered fake paper money and coins.

Monopoly Themed Money Bags

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Watch our video:

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Monopoly-themed Cocktail Bar

Create a signature cocktail menu inspired by Monopoly properties, such as “Park Place Punch” or “Boardwalk Breeze.”

Monopoly-Inspired Silent Auction

Have Monopoly-themed items in your silent auction, such as framed Monopoly boards, signed Monopoly game sets, or artwork inspired by the game.

Monopoly-Inspired Live Auction Packages

Monopoly-inspired live auction packages offer unique and luxurious trips and experiences that are sure to attract bidders at your fundraiser gala, while also contributing to the success of the event. These consignment packages can be sold multiple times at your event, which can increase your fundraiser profits. You pay only if the packages sell. Here are some live auction packages that would fit perfectly with a Monopoly theme fundraiser:

Monopoly-Inspired Live Auction Packages
Monopoly-Inspired Live Auction Packages
Monopoly-Inspired Live Auction Packages

Implementing these ideas will enhance the experience for guests at your Monopoly-theme fundraiser gala and make it a memorable and successful event.

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