How To Host a Night in Greece Fundraiser Gala

Couple Dressed for Greek Fundraiser Costume Gala

Step into Grecian enchantment with a Night in Greece fundraiser gala. This blog will help your nonprofit create a fundraiser that will have your guests feeling like they’ve stepped off a plane into the heart of Santorini.

Create a Night in Greece fundraiser that is an authentic experience that will fully engage and immerse your guests in a celebration of Greek culture and traditions.

With a mix of games, entertainment, tasty food, and immersion, your Night in Greece fundraiser will be an unforgettable experience for your supporters.

Venue Décor for Night in Greece Fundraiser Gala

The goal is to transport guests to Greece while also promoting the essence and goal of your fundraiser. Use creative décor to create the look and feel of this country. Most of the décor items included in this blog can be found on Amazon.

Olive Trees & Greenery

Place olive trees, eucalyptus trees, lemon trees, draping vines, and plants reminiscent of Mediterranean gardens throughout the venue.

Grecian Columns

Set up faux marble columns for that ancient Greek temple vibe. Add vases of olive leaf, eucalyptus, or lemon tree branches to increase visual appeal.

Greece Backdrop

Use a large projector or printed backdrop to popular Greek locations, such as scenes of the sparkling Mediterranean Sea, Meteora Cliffs, Parthenon Temple, or Santorini.

Greek Sculptures

For a more historical feel, incorporate mini statues or sculptures like those of Greek gods and goddesses.

Table Décor for A Night in Greece Fundraiser Gala

Colors of The Greek Flag

Use blue and white tablecloths resembling the colors of the Greek flag.

Flag of Greece

Greek Pottery, Plates and Vases

Use ceramic pots or glass vases filled with olive branches, eucalyptus branches, or lemon branches as centerpieces.

Costume Contest for A Night in Greece Fundraiser Gala

Encourage guests to come in their best Grecian outfits, such as togas, gold laurels, goddess gowns, gladiator sandals, and goddess gowns. Award prizes for the best male, female, and couple costumes.

Entertainment For a Night in Greece Fundraiser

Greek Dancing

Hire a troupe to demonstrate traditional Greek dances. Encourage attendees to join in and learn.

Greek Dancers Performing At Fundraiser

Live Music

Consider hiring a band that specializes in Greek or Mediterranean music.

Games For a Night in Greece Fundraiser Theme

Wine Fundraiser Games

Increase your fundraiser income by including wine pull games using Greek wine, Ouzo, and Raki. There is a wide variety of wine pull games that can be used to correspond with your theme. 

Greek Wine

For more details, check out our:

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Wine Pull E-Book

We also have a free, downloadable wine pull e-book.

The ultimate wine pull fundraiser guide.

Heads Or Tails Game

Include a Heads or Tails game using a Greek coin. Your guests will love this fun game.

coin Greece

Heads or Tails Fundraiser Game Video

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Hire an artist to demonstrate making various Greek crafts. To thank the artist for volunteering, set up an area for the artist to sell the art and crafts and to meet guests.

Traditional colorful Greek ceramic plate. Kos island, Greece.

Food & Drinks for A Night in Greece Fundraiser Gala

Offer a variety of tasty, classic Greek foods, salads, and desserts with all the fixings, such as:

Greek Wine Tasting

Greece has some beautiful wines. Organize a tasting booth or station featuring regional favorites.

Ouzo & Raki Shots

These are traditional Greek spirits. Serve them in shot glasses and maybe add an informative card about their significance.

Cooking Demo

Bring a chef to do a live demo of a popular Greek dish, teaching guests the recipe and techniques.

Photo Booth

Set up photo area with scenic Greece photo backdrops. You can also use décor such as Greek columns, Greek statues, artificial olive trees, eucalyptus trees, or lemon trees to create a great photo op. Ask guests to post on their social media and tag your organization. Display tag information in the photo area.

Offer Live Auction Travel and Experience Packages for A Night in Greece Fundraiser Gala

Offer Greece live auction travel and experience packages. Here are some examples to inspire your creativity:

Grecian Treasures Live Auction Package

Guests love these types of auction items. Our auctioneers often sell one package multiple times at an event, which is an excellent opportunity to increase fundraiser profits. You don’t have to pay if these no-risk packages don’t sell during your event.

Create A Seamless Guest Experience at Your Night in Greece Fundraiser

A well-organized event allows guests to focus on the magic of the event instead of logistics.

Ensure the event flows smoothly by paying attention to logistic details. Offer hassle-free check in and registration. Also, make it easy for guests to pay for auction items, games, etc., by using software that allows you to pre-scan their credit cards when they arrive. 

Fundraiser Theme E-Book

For more fundraiser theme ideas, download our free e-book.

20 fun and creative fundraising themes your guests will love.

If you need help planning a Night in Greece fundraiser theme, Murad Auctions is here to help. Contact us or schedule a free consultation.