Try This Type Of Wine Pull Fundraiser At Your Next Event

wine pull wine glass fundraiser idea

A wine pull wine glass fundraiser is a super popular variation of a wine pull fundraiser. This wine pull will definitely get lots of attention from guests at your next fundraising event. This blog provides details to help you plan this type of fundraiser.

A wine pull is a drawing for wine at a fundraising event.  For a 300-500 person event, you can offer up to 150 bottles of wine.

Steps To Plan A Wine Pull Wine Glass Fundraiser

A wine pull wine glass fundraiser

One of our clients recently had a wine pull wine glass fundraiser that was so successful they sold all their bottles of wine before dinner and the program started.

Here are the steps for planning this type of fundraiser:

  • Offer a variety of bottles of wine at your fundraiser.  The price range of the bottles can be valued minimally at $15-$25 a bottle to expensive.
  • If possible, get all or some of the wine donated.  Check out our blog and video to get ideas about how to get wine donated. Be specific about the value of the bottles you want donated, so you don’t get $5 and $8 bottles.
  • Write numbers or attach numbered tags on each bottle of wine.
  • Make a creative display for your fundraiser. Use the photo above from a client’s fundraiser as inspiration.
  • Wrap bottles of  wine in colorful bags or decorate according to your theme to attract attention. 
  • Purchase wine corks or ask your committee to begin saving their corks a few months before the event.
  •  Write a number on each cork that corresponds to a bottle of wine.
  • Place the corks in a huge wine glass near your display. Here is a link to purchase a 20-inch-tall wine glass
  • Ask guests to choose (pull) corks for $25 each.
  • Guests win the bottle of wine that has the number that matches the cork they selected.

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