Live Auction Items That Sell Well

At a recent event, we provided several essential tips for soliciting live auction items that sell well. Here are the items that will boost auction income for your non-profit/charity:

Offer Experiences That Appeal to Men

Live Auction Items That Sell Well

Men’s items are hot and they sell really well. Many men love rugged adventures and sports involving guns. Men who attend your auction will easily bid and pay high amounts for experiences such as a hunting trip, a fishing trip or a dove hunt.  Women may even bid on them for gifts for their husbands.

Other popular live auction items that sell are opportunities to meet war heroes and Navy Seals and to use their special weapons, such as cannons and high powered guns.  So, if you know war heroes, get them in your live auction.

Offer Items That Interest Auction Committee Chairmen

It’s always great to offer live auction items that the auction chairs care about.  When brainstorming ideas for live auction items, if committee members voice interest in the items and say they would buy them, add them to your auction items. If your board member says she would love to go on a trip to Paris, then get a trip to Paris for your live auction!  Try to get the trip donated, but if you cannot, click here to take a look at the packages we have to offer for your next event.

Focus on Less Is More

Less is more when it comes to live auction items

In general, people get worn out at live auctions that are longer than 30 minutes.  That’s why it’s important to offer less items that will bring in more money. Offer 8 to 10 items instead of the typical 15 to 20 items.  You’ll discover that those fewer items, if they are big, will bring in more money.

Offering a few big items will also provide the opportunity for people to write a check and do a fund a cause afterwards. So, less could mean more money for your charity.

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