Why Virtual Fundraiser Software Makes Your Virtual Fundraising Event More Successful and Profitable

Using a virtual fundraiser software makes it easy to have a successful and more profitable virtual fundraising event. In this blog, we will explore the features of a successful virtual fundraiser and the benefits of virtual live auction software. You will learn new ways to take your fundraiser to the next level! We also include several videos at the end of this blog that provide numerous valuable tips, so continue reading.

Let’s begin with the following features and benefits of virtual fundraiser software:

Your Virtual Fundraiser Live Auction Streams In Real Time

Virtual Fundraiser Live Auction Software
Virtual Fundraiser Live Auction Software

This event stream software allows your supporters to view and participate in your virtual fundraiser live auction in real time.  The delay is less than one second compared to other streaming platforms that can have delays of up to 30 seconds. 

Guests Can Watch Your Virtual Fundraiser Several Ways

Virtual Fundraiser Live Auction
Virtual Live Auction Allows Guests To Participate Several Ways

Live stream of your virtual fundraiser can be viewed several ways, which creates a truly interactive event. All of your guests can bid against each other in real time using their mobile phones, IPads, laptops or computers.

Our live stream platform can be viewed on a small screen. This allows guests to bid in the silent auction while they watch your program, and it can be expanded to a full screen.

Your supporters can also view the virtual event on a TV by using the mirroring feature on their mobile device. This is great for guests who host watch parties in their homes. This makes it easier for everyone to easily and comfortably watch your virtual fundraiser.

Virtual Fundraiser Guests Can Easily Donate To Your Cause

Virtual Fundraiser Software Donations Feature

The virtual fundraising software also allows guests to easily donate to your worthy cause in real time. You can create a profitable giving moment, which allows you to ask for donations at various levels.

Virtual Fundraiser Software Mission Goal Feature

Incorporating the software’s donation scoreboards is an effective way to increase donations.  Creating mission goals or thermometers encourages guests to give. You can even showcase donor names to prompt more donations. This also gives you the opportunity to thank donors.

Our virtual fundraiser live auctions are very profitable, and some raise more money than our in-person events. Guests are focused and committed to your cause.

You Can Show Pre-Event Programming to Connect With Your Guests During Virtual Fundraiser

Your virtual guests will feel more connected and engaged in your virtual fundraiser because the event software includes a feature that gives you the ability to show pre-event programming. This is prerecorded media that is played before your actual fundraiser begins. 

Pre-event programming usually includes the following:

  • Sponsor video
  • Mission video
  • Live streaming of speakers, entertainment and awards ceremonies
  • A segment thanking sponsors and volunteers
  • A countdown clock showing how much time is left before the fundraiser starts
  • A segment showcasing your live auction items

Our virtual events are typically about an hour.  The pre-event video allows guests to log in and get ready to watch the virtual event.

All Hybrid or Virtual Fundraiser Activities Are Done In One Place

Virtual Fundraiser Live Auction Items Preview Feature

The software makes it easy for your guests to get involved during every phase of your hybrid or virtual fundraiser. This contributes to the success of your event. You have the ability to do the following all in one place:

View the virtual event

Preview and Bid in Live and Silent Auctions


Purchase Raffle Tickets, Grab Bags and other Retail Items

Interact With Other Guests Via Chat

Check out our blog 10 Simple Steps To Make Your Virtual Live Auction Successful. It will be very helpful in planning a successful virtual fundraising event.  Here are several videos that will also be helpful in planning your virtual fundraiser:

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