Fundraising Ideas for Increased Profits

Virtual Fundraisers – The Ultimate Guide

By Claire Murad | Mar 21, 2020

If your event has been affected by the news lately, and you feel you cannot move forward with a live event, please take heart and take a breath, and think about the opportunities still available to raise funds.  Don’t let your hard work go to waste.  Simply look at things from a different angle and see all…

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How to Host a Successful Online Auction or Mobile Bidding Fundraiser

By Claire Murad | Mar 19, 2020

The internet has made fundraising easier in many ways, but other aspects have become a little more complex. We’re here to give you the breakdown on how to host a successful online fundraiser to make sure that your event makes lasting impressions and generates the revenue your organization needs. Oftentimes people, especially those who are…

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Fundraising Event Tips For Checkout Part 4

By Claire Murad | Mar 5, 2020

An effective strategy to have a successful fundraising event checkout is to have everything at the table. Continue reading to learn more tips to ensure that your auction checkout runs as smoothly as possible! This blog is the fourth in a 5-part series about how to have a flawless fundraising event checkout for your guests. Read…

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Travel Board

By Claire Murad | Feb 24, 2020

Many of you may have heard of a Big Board which is an area of the silent auction that showcases the most exclusive or most expensive items in your silent auction. Special signage is created for this area and it is placed in a prominent part of the venue where all your guests can easily…

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Fundraising Event Tips For Checkout Part 3

By Claire Murad | Feb 24, 2020

A great fundraising event tip for a flawless checkout is to set up a security checkpoint. This blog is the third in a 5-part series outlining how to have a seamless, streamlined checkout process for your guests. Read part 2 in this series. Fundraising Event Tip #3: Set Up A Security Checkpoint At Checkout The…

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Fundraising Event Tips For Checkout Part 2

By Claire Murad | Jan 15, 2020

The fundraising event tips in this blog will focus on how to use a certificate box and tables to help your checkout run as smoothly as possible. This blog is the second in a 5-part series focusing on how to have a flawless checkout for your guests. Read part 1. Fundraising Event Tip #2: Use…

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Non Profit Fundraising Event

Fundraising Event Tips For Checkout Part 1

By Claire Murad | Nov 6, 2019

This blog will provide nonprofit fundraising event tips to help you plan a flawless checkout. After guests are ready to go home, you may think you have finished your event. But, one of the most important parts of your fundraising event is just beginning–checkout. Follow these tips to ensure that your checkout runs as smoothly…

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10 Awesome Teacher Experiences for your School Auction

By Claire Murad | Sep 26, 2019

Now that the kids are all back in the classroom, let’s talk about some great items to sell at school auctions! Experiences with teachers outside of the classroom can really bond a student with their teachers. Take a look at some of these ideas for teacher experiences outside of the traditional classroom you can put…

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Fundraising Ideas

Gift Card Fundraising Ideas and Tips

By Claire Murad | Jun 12, 2019

In this blog, we’ll share gift card fundraising ideas.  It also includes tips about how to generate more profit with a gift card fundraiser. Everyone loves having gift cards as a part of their silent auction.  They are easy for your supporters to donate, and everyone likes to buy them at your event.  How can…

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