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6 Ways To Promote Your Fundraiser On Social Media And Increase Profits

How to Promote Your Fundraiser on Social Media And Increase Profits

By Claire Murad | Aug 2, 2021

This Murad Auctions blog will share 6 effective tips about how to promote your fundraiser on social media and increase profits. Showcase Your Sponsors The first idea to promote your fundraiser is to showcase a different sponsor for your event each day.  Include your sponsor’s logo and a link back to their business website.  Also…

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Virtual Live Auction Software Demo

Why Virtual Fundraiser Software Makes Your Virtual Fundraising Event More Successful and Profitable

By Claire Murad | Feb 19, 2021

Using a virtual fundraiser software makes it easy to have a successful and more profitable virtual fundraising event. In this blog, we will explore the features of a successful virtual fundraiser and the benefits of virtual live auction software. You will learn new ways to take your fundraiser to the next level! We also include…

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Virtual Gala Fundraiser

How To Promote A Virtual Fundraiser Using Your Event Website

By Claire Murad | Oct 15, 2020

Your event website is an important part of coordinating and promoting a virtual fundraiser.  It should be one of the first things you create to effectively communicate with supporters and to spread the word about your virtual fundraiser. The website serves as the central location for your all event communications. Your website is your venue…

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Fundraising Events

5 Tips For Three Types of Fundraising Events: In-Person, Virtual and Hybrid

By Claire Murad | Jun 30, 2020

In this blog, we will share 5 best practice tips for in-person, virtual and hybrid nonprofit fundraising events. Many nonprofits are looking forward to holding in person events again but are realizing that it is wise to incorporate a virtual aspect into their event to be able to include guests who may not be comfortable…

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How To Expand Online Fundraising For Nonprofits

By Claire Murad | Jun 19, 2020

Nonprofit organizations should expand their online fundraising by trying online auctions, virtual live auctions and peer-to-peer fundraising. Adding these digital fundraising methods will help spread the word to reach more people and stabilize income. These fundraising efforts will also communicate your mission to more people and gain new donors. How To Organize An Online Auction…

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How To Host a Virtual Fundraising Event

By Claire Murad | May 1, 2020

Nonprofits should have a virtual fundraising event instead of cancelling or postponing fundraisers during challenging times. This blog will address many of the common questions about how to have a successful virtual fundraising event. Murad Auction clients have stepped up despite the challenges and have pivoted their fundraising efforts.  Don’t get left behind by getting…

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Virtual Fundraisers – The Ultimate Guide

By Claire Murad | Mar 21, 2020

If your event has been affected by the news lately, and you feel you cannot move forward with a live event, please take heart and take a breath, and think about the opportunities still available to raise funds.  Don’t let your hard work go to waste.  Simply look at things from a different angle and see all…

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How to Host a Successful Online Auction or Mobile Bidding Fundraiser

By Claire Murad | Mar 19, 2020

The internet has made fundraising easier in many ways, but other aspects have become a little more complex. We’re here to give you the breakdown on how to host a successful online fundraiser to make sure that your event makes lasting impressions and generates the revenue your organization needs. Oftentimes people, especially those who are…

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Fundraising Event Tips For Checkout Part 4

By Claire Murad | Mar 5, 2020

An effective strategy to have a successful fundraising event checkout is to have everything at the table. Continue reading to learn more tips to ensure that your auction checkout runs as smoothly as possible! This blog is the fourth in a 4-part series about how to have a flawless fundraising event checkout for your guests.…

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