Fundraiser Games And Wine Pull Ideas

Fundraiser game with a pig theme

In this blog, we will share successful fundraiser games and wine pull ideas that some of our clients used in their fundraising events. Feel free to use these ideas or create your own games based on these examples.

Fundraiser Games With Farm Animal Themes

Ham it up at your next fundraiser by including fundraiser games with pig or other farm animal themes. These types of games are fun and entertaining and are perfect for western or farm-themed fundraisers.

Our client Farmstead Museum used this first fundraiser game at a recent fundraising event.

Pigs were the focus of this game. Guests loved it, and it attracted a lot of attention. The more your guests enjoy the activity, the more likely they will spend money to play.

Pick A Pig Gift Card Pull Fundraiser Game

Pick A Pick Fundraising game

In this fundraiser game, guests pay $15 to pull one numbered plastic pig from a trough or $25 to pull two pigs. The numbers on the pigs correspond to envelopes containing a gift card valued at $25 or more from various restaurants and retailers. As you can see in the first photo above, not all the pigs at the fundraiser were plastic. Here are more photos from the event:

Animal Theme fundraiser game
Pick a pig fundraiser
Fundraising game
Pig theme fundraiser game
Pick a pig fundraiser game prizes
Pick a pig fundraiser game

Donkey Wine Pull Fundraiser Game

Donkey wine pull fundraiser game
Donkey wine pull
Donkey wine pull game
Wine pull fundraiser

Poncho the donkey was the star of this wine pull. To play the game, guests usually pull wine from a specially designed saddle bag that Poncho wears. Because Poncho was being a bit ornery at the event, it had to be played a bit differently to avoid him breaking any of the wine bottles. Since Poncho was benched from his usual role, guests pulled the wine from a saddle bag at the check-in area. Poncho wasn’t left out completely. Instead, he was a camera hog when guests took photos with him.

A donkey wine pull is a creative variation of the typical wine pull. 

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Chicken Poop Bingo Fundraiser

Chicken Poop Bingo Fundraiser Game
Chicken Poop Bingo Fundraiser
Chicken Poop Bingo

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