Fundraising Tip to Create Buzz at Your Event

Fundraising Tip to Create Buzz at Your Event


Here is another great fundraising tip to create buzz at your event!  Give purchasers of your raffle tickets, heads and tails game, grub grab or wine pull an accessory like a blinking ring, blinking lapel pin, glow necklace or a star sticker. It will create buzz when other guests see the blinking light, and ask how they can get one too. Your guests will seek out the opportunity to buy in and get their own fun accessory!

This accessory also indicates that they have made a purchase, so your volunteers will not ask them to buy again. Guests will encourage their friends to buy into the game to get their own accessory and support the cause!  If your guests have children, they will often buy more than one to be able to take home a keepsake for each of them! Encourage your sellers to wear the keepsake, like our enthusiastic seller in this picture!  Guests were approaching her and asking how they could get a ring, which made her job easy!

Make sure you have one seller stationed near the prizes for the game, and that you have clear signage explaining the game and the prizes.  It is often loud in the room, and this makes it easier to sell the items if your volunteer can direct your guests to read the sign.  In addition, give your sellers who are walking around, a small card they can hand the guest which explains the game to make their job easier too.  Make sure you use a font size of at least 16 to make it easy to read for your guests who did not bring their glasses!

With our auction platform, these games and other multi sale items can be sold using iPads or iPhones, which makes selling quick and does away with the clipboards and cash flying around.  We just ask the guests for their bid number or name, sell them their items on the iPad, and they are charged at checkout!  It’s quick and easy, so your guests don’t even feel like they are spending money!  This is fundraising made easy!!

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