Hosting A Hawaiian Theme Fundraiser


Hosting a Hawaiian theme fundraiser is an excellent idea for your next fundraising event. This blog is a guide to planning a Hawaiian themed fundraiser that promises to whisk your guests away to this tropical paradise and support a great cause. These tips will help you transform any space into a vibrant Hawaiian luau, complete with authentic decor, engaging entertainment, and a feast that will captivate your guests.

Beautiful floral Hawaiian Lei in the hands of a close-up woman

Greet your guests with a warm, welcoming Aloha spirit. When they enter your event, adorn them with lei necklaces as ukulele music helps set the ambiance with the sounds of the islands.

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Hawaiian Themed Fundraiser Venue Décor

Make sure the Hawaiian experience continues with authentic venue décor.

Island Signs

Luau Concept Clipped Cards and Lights for Hawaiian Theme Fundraiser

Post signs in different areas of your venue with names of famous Hawaiian locations, such as Waikiki Beach, Hanauma Bay, and Mauna Kea.

Hawaiian Photo Backdrop

Create a vibrant photo backdrop of Hawaiian scenery. Include sunglasses and real or artificial tropical flowers that guests can clip in their hair or on their lapels. This fun activity will leave guests with memorable souvenirs from the event. Encourage guests to share their photos on social media and provide a tag for them to include with the social post.

Hawaiian Lanterns

Hang paper lanterns in a mix of tropical colors throughout your venue. The soft glow from these lanterns can add a magical ambiance to the evening, especially if the event extends into the night. Incorporate string lights within some lanterns to mimic the stars that might be seen from a beach in Hawaii. This will enhance the tropical paradise vibe.

Here are some other venue décor ideas:

  • Place tall real or artificial plants along the walls.
  • Place tiki torches at the entrance of an outdoor venue to set the mood.
  • Hang Hawaiian flower strings from the ceiling to get the tropical vibes flowing.
  • Use a projector to showcase beach and ocean scenes on a wall for added ambiance.

Hawaiian Theme Fundraiser Table Décor Ideas

Continue the Hawaiian experience with beautiful, tropical table settings that echo the islands’ natural beauty.

The following ideas will add beauty and Hawaiian culture to your event:

Tiki Centerpieces

Hawaiian Tiki Table Decor For Hawaiian Theme Fundraiser

Incorporate small tiki statues or tiki-themed candle holders into your table decor. These unique pieces can hold real or battery-operated candles and provide a warm, flickering light that enhances the tropical ambiance. They can also serve as conversation starters and memorable keepsakes.

Hibiscus Flower Napkin Rings

Hibiscus Napkin Ring For Hawaiian Theme Fundraiser

Embrace the beauty of Hawaii’s state flower by incorporating hibiscus flower napkin rings into your table setting. Whether you use real flowers or silk replicas, they’ll add color and island charm to each place setting.

Hawaiian Floral Centerpieces

For centerpieces, use vases or pineapples with the top portion scooped out to hold fresh tropical flowers like plumerias, hibiscus, orchids, and birds of paradise. This serves as a stunning centerpiece. For an added touch, you can place smaller tropical leaves or ferns around the base to fill out the arrangement and add to the lushness of the table decor. You can also use artificial or hollowed out natural coconuts as vases or candleholders.

Palm Leaf Centerpiece


Incorporate real or artificial palm leaves into the table’s centerpiece design for a cohesive look, arranging them around or within the floral arrangements or other decor elements.

Palm Leaf Placeholders

Real or artificial palm leaf placeholders offer a unique way to add a touch of tropical elegance to your Hawaiian-themed fundraiser. These placeholders are not just decorative. They are also functional and can serve as a memorable keepsake for your guests. They should be 6 to 12 inches. Use metallic gold or silver paint pens to write each guest’s name on the palm leaves. The metallic sheen contrasts beautifully against the green, creating an elegant look. Enhance the palm leaves with small embellishments like a thin gold or raffia ribbon tied at the stem.

Other Décor Ideas For Hawaii Theme Fundraiser

  • Sprinkle seashells and starfish around the table or place them in clear jars.
  • Use tiki mugs filled with flowers as centerpieces
  • Use bamboo placemats

Hawaiian Theme Fundraiser Costume Contest

Couple At Hawaiian Theme Fundraiser

Encourage guests to wear Hawaiian shirts, grass skirts, leis, and/or floral headbands. Award prizes for categories such as best dressed or most creative.


Great Hawaiian entertainment is also an important part of this type of fundraiser. Here are some ideas that your guests will enjoy:

Hula Dancers

Hula Dancers For Hawaiian Theme Fundraiser

Nothing says Hawaii more than an enchanting hula performance.

Ukulele Player

Playing Hawaiian tenor ukulele on black background for Hawaiian Theme Fundraiser

This instrument brings the soothing sounds of the islands.

Hawaiian Drummer

Hawaiian drummer at Hawaiian Theme Fundraiser

Hawaiian Theme Fundraiser Games And Ideas

Add some Hawaiian-themed fun to your event. These are some ideas to try:

Hawaiian Style Blind Wine Pull

To add mystery to the fundraiser, offer a Hawaiian style blind wine pull. To play this game, conceal bottles of wine by wrapping them in leis, colorful Hawaiian fabric, or put them in wine bags decorated with Hawaiian flowers. Offer one bottle for $25 and 3 bottles for $60 to encourage guests to purchase more.

Here is another wine pull fundraiser idea that would work well with this theme option:

Wine And Gift Card Flower Pull for Hawaiian Theme Fundraiser

For more wine pull ideas that can be modified for your Hawaiian theme fundraiser, watch our wine pull videos and read our wine pull blogs.  We also have a free, downloadable e-book with tips for planning various wine types of wine pulls.

Hawaiian Ring Toss

A tropical version of ring toss. Place numerous bottles of wine on a table decorated with Hawaiian décor. Use rings that are wrapped with artificial Hawaiian flowers. Guests pay for a certain number of ring toss chances to win a bottle of wine. They win the bottle that is ringed. For more ring toss ideas, read our blog.

Other Fundraiser Game Ideas

For more fundraiser games that can be creatively modified to correspond with your Hawaiian theme fundraiser, download our free fundraiser games e-book.

Hawaiian Theme Fundraiser Gift Baskets Silent Auction

Include gift baskets filled with numerous Hawaii-related items at your silent auction, such as:

  • Beautiful floral arrangements with native Hawaiian flowers such as plumerias, hibiscus, orchids, and birds of paradise
  • Gift card to pizza restaurant to purchase Hawaiian pizza
  • Macadamia nuts
  • Spam
  • Gift card to Polynesian restaurant
  • Gift card to purchase sunglasses, Hawaiian shirts, swimwear, beach towels, etc.
  • Liquor and supplies to make Mai Tai Hawaiian drinks or other tropical drinks, such as:

For more information and ideas for gift baskets, read our blog and watch our videos:

Other Hawaiian Theme Fundraiser Ideas

Mystery Box Fundraiser Game

Add some mystery to your fundraiser, by including a Mystery Box fundraiser game. This game can be modified to use in a Hawaii theme fundraiser. Include similar items like the ones listed in the information about gift baskets.

Centerpiece Fundraiser

Increase your profits by selling the centerpieces used at your fundraiser. Get floral centerpieces donated or ask volunteers to create them. Use Hawaiian flowers such as orchids, hibiscus, plumerias or birds of paradise. For more details, watch our video.

Hawaiian Dessert Fundraiser

You can also increase your profits by selling Hawaiian desserts. Ask a local bakery to donate Hawaiian desserts for your fundraiser. To thank the baker for donating the desserts, set up a table at your event for them to meet your guests and show their creations. For details about a dessert fundraiser, read our blog and watch our video.

Hawaii-Inspired Live Auction Packages

Hawaii-inspired live auction packages offer unique and luxurious trips and experiences that are sure to attract bidders at your fundraiser gala, while also contributing to the success of the event. These consignment packages can be sold multiple times at your event, which can increase your fundraiser profits. You pay only if the packages sell. Here are some live auction packages that would fit perfectly with a Hawaii theme fundraiser:

Hawaiian Theme Fundraiser Food Ideas

Provide traditional Hawaiian delicacies for your guests to try at your fundraiser. Guests will experience authentic cultural experiences as they try these treats. Here are some suggestions:

Hawaiian Theme Fundraiser Desserts

Hawaiian Theme Fundraiser Drinks

Another option is a non-alcoholic Hawaiian punch. 

Your event is bound to make waves of impact and give your guests a slice of Hawaiian paradise.

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