Fundraiser Games Provide Extra Income And Sizzle To Your Fundraiser

Including supplemental fundraiser games increase fundraiser profits by providing extra sources of income to go along with your live and silent auctions proceeds. These extra games make your event snap, crackle, and pop, especially if they complement your fundraiser theme. Let’s explore some popular, creative fundraising game ideas. Mystery Box And Grab Bag Fundraiser Games…

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A Raffle Prize for the Multitudes!

Are you searching for a raffle item that would appeal to the multitudes? We have a great solution for you! Our USA Explorer Package from our Travel Partner, Auction Packages. This package allows the winner to choose between 5 travel destinations for two people, including New York, Sonoma, Orlando, Boston and Scottsdale. The Experience Includes:…

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Fundraising Raffle Idea Using Guests’ Contact Cards

Fundraising Raffle Idea Using Guests' Contact Cards

Here’s a fundraising raffle idea using guests’ contact cards. At events, it is sometimes very difficult to get the names and, more importantly, the contact information of guests at sponsor tables. We often collect the guests’ information at the check in desk before the auction, but this can keep the line from moving quickly at…

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