How To Plan a Night in Tuscany Fundraising Event

Raise money for your nonprofit by hosting a Night in Tuscany fundraising event.

Raise money for your nonprofit by hosting a Night in Tuscany fundraising event. Transport your supporters to picturesque Tuscany right in the heart of Italy. Include elements in your fundraiser gala that will provide entertainment and immersion to present an overall Tuscan ambiance. The key is to make attendees feel like they’ve stepped into a little slice of Italy, all while supporting a great cause.

This blog provides tips and ideas from Charity Auctioneers Murad Auctions about planning a Tuscany-themed fundraiser gala. Incorporate these ideas to elevate your event and create an enchanting vibe to increase guests’ engagement.

Tuscany Themed Venue Decor

The venue décor should help create a Tuscany atmosphere. Drape the entrance with grapevines and incorporate rustic lanterns in the registration area. For more venue décor ideas, search for Tuscany decorations or Tuscany party decorations on Amazon.

Tuscany Themed Photo Backdrop

Set up a photo backdrop of the Tuscan countryside, an Italian villa, or a rustic vineyard.

Search Amazon for Tuscany photo backdrops. Ask guests to share their photos on social media and tag your organization.

Tuscany Themed Table Decor

Create beautiful table décor that corresponds with the Tuscan theme. Some décor ideas include:

  • A beautiful Tuscan vase
  • Dried lavender in beautiful vases
  • Faux grape clusters and beautiful tea lights

For more table décor options, search for Tuscany decorations or Tuscany party decorations on Amazon.

You guests will love the décor, so use your centerpieces to raise additional money for your organization.

Olive Oil Gifts

At a recent fundraiser that we managed, guests were given bottles of olive oil. The bottles were placed in their seats along with the gala program. 

Olive Oil Gifts for a Tuscan themed fundraiser.

Tuscany Fundraiser Theme Games

Games are an important part of fundraisers and can provide supplemental income for your organization. Include several games with a Tuscan twist because they add an element of fun and keep guests entertained.

Wine Toss

Include a wine toss game using bottles of wine and rings. Use Italian wine and be creative to customize them for your Tuscany fundraiser gala.

Check out our blogs about various types of wine pull and wine toss games:

Also visit our YouTube wine pull and wine toss games playlist.

Olive Oil Pull

An olive oil pull is another fundraiser game that corresponds with a Tuscany-inspired theme. Use bottles of olive oil instead of wine.  Follow the rules of a wine pull.

Tuscany Themed Raffle Fundraisers

Ask local businesses or Italian brands to donate raffle prizes, such as gift card for dinner at an Italian restaurant, Italian wine, Italian treats, Italian purses, or even Italian language classes.

You can use these donations in a gift card pull fundraiser game or wine lovers basket and other kinds of baskets filled with Tuscany-inspired goodies.

Tuscany Themed Fundraiser Gala Entertainment

Provide authentic entertainment that corresponds with your theme. This will elevate the entire experience of your gala by infusing the charm, traditions, and liveliness of the Italian culture. Here are some ideas:

  • A live band that specializes in Italian music
  • Opera performance
  • Italian folk dancers
Italian folk dancers are great for Tuscany Fundraiser Gala Entertainment.

Food Ideas for Tuscany Themed Fundraising Event

Food is the heart of any Italian gathering. Offer an array of Tuscan specialties, such as:

Tuscany-Inspired Activities

Include fun, entertaining, and engaging Tuscany-inspired activities.

Wine-Tasting Station

A wine tasting station will provide your guests an opportunity to sample Italian wines.

Wine Education and Sommelier Session

Invite a sommelier to educate attendees about Tuscan wines. Include a wine pairing station, showing which foods go best with different wines.

Inviting a sommelier for a Tuscany Themed Fundraising Event

Olive Oil Tasting

Tuscany is renowned for its olive oils. An olive oil tasting station would be a unique experience for guests.

Olive oil tasting for a Tuscany Themed Fundraising Event

Live Pasta Making Demonstration

Have a chef demonstrate the art of making pasta from scratch.

Live past making for a Tuscany Themed Fundraising Event

Limoncello Station

Have a booth where guests can watch a chef make limoncello and enjoy this Italian drink.

Limoncello station for a Tuscany Themed Fundraising Event

Gelato and Espresso Bar

Offer a range of gelato flavors and rich espresso. Include toppings like amaretti biscuits, hazelnuts, and chocolate shavings.

Italian Language Corner

Set up an area where attendees can learn basic Italian phrases. This will be an entertaining and educational experience for your guests.

Silent Auction with Italian Prizes

Include silent auction items that correspond to your theme, like Italian cookbooks, wine sets, limoncello, basket of Italian treats, or Italian restaurant gift cards. Ask a local artist to donate Italian artwork for the silent auction. Set up a display area for the artist to meet guests. For tips about how to get auction items donated, download our free e-book How To Successfully Solicit Donations for Auctions.

It’s important to create silent auction category names that are fun, eye-catching, and interesting to grab guests’ attention. For auction category name tips, read our blog 68 Creative Silent Auction Category Names to Grab Bidders’ Attention.

Silent auction with Italian prizes for a Tuscany Themed Fundraising Event

Tuscany No-Risk Live Auction Packages

Offer no-risk Tuscany live auction travel and experience packages. Here are some of the live auction packages we offer:

Guests love these types of auction items. These consignment packages can be sold multiple times at an event, which is an excellent opportunity to increase fundraiser profits. You only pay if the packages sell.

Top Ten Tips for a Successful Live Auction

Top Ten Tips for a Successful Auction

For tips about how to have a successful live auction, download our free e-book Top 10 Tips for a Successful Auction.

Fundraiser Theme E-Book

Fundraiser Theme E-Book

For more fundraiser theme ideas, download our free e-book.

If you need help planning a Night in Tuscany fundraiser theme, Murad Auctions is here to help. Contact us or schedule a free consultation.