Great Gatsby Fundraiser Theme

A Great Gatsby fundraiser theme brings the 1925 novel to life and is a fun way to raise money for your non-profit. One of our clients hosted a successful fundraiser using this theme.  Guests enjoyed recreating the characters Jay Gatsby, Daisy Buchanan and Nick Carraway from the popular novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald. A Great…

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Night at the Movies Fundraiser Theme Idea

Venue Décor Ideas

A Night at the Movies fundraiser theme for you non-profit will be loads of fun for your donors, especially movie fans. This blog will provide ideas and information about where you can find items to purchase or use as inspiration to create your own décor, centerpieces, props, photo backdrops, and more for your Night at…

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Birthday Party Auction Theme Idea


A birthday party is a fun and flexible auction theme idea.  Our client The Birthday Party Project recently had a wonderful, successful birthday party fundraiser to celebrate their sixth birthday. This blog provides tips to help you plan a great birthday party auction theme. Select A Birthday Party Theme To get started on this auction…

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Try a Willy Wonka Fundraiser Theme For Your Next Fundraiser

Décor Ideas For Willy Wonka Fundraiser Theme

Willy Wonka is an imaginative and fun fundraiser theme.  Your guests will enjoy the opportunity to purchase various sweet treats to help raise money for your non-profit. It can’t get any sweeter than this. Invitations and Event Program Ideas For Willy Wonka Fundraiser Theme First, select the title of the event.  An example is: A Night…

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