Planning a Barbie-Themed Fundraiser

A Barbie-themed fundraiser allows guests to enter a world of nostalgia, glamour, fashion, and philanthropy. This fun and magical evening is designed to capture the essence of this iconic doll, bringing her world to life while supporting a great cause. From pink-drenched décor to fashion-forward activities, every detail of a Barbie theme fundraising event should be crafted to delight and inspire your guests. 

Venue Décor

As guests arrive at your Barbie-themed fundraising event, whisk them away with decors that embody the spirit and style of Barbie’s vibrant world. Transform your venue into a life-size Barbie paradise by featuring iconic elements and visuals like the following that create an immersive experience that echoes the charm of Barbie’s universe:

Balloon Arches

Use pink and white balloons to create eye-catching arches and bouquets around the venue.

Barbie Display Boxes

Use Barbie boxes as nostalgic and thematic decor elements.

Pink Wonderland

Drape the venue in various shades of pink fabric and add glittering lights for a magical ambiance.

Fashion Runway

Install a pink carpet that serves as a striking entryway for guests.

Palm Trees

Since Barbie is known for living in California, display artificial palm trees with pink or white twinkling lights throughout the venue.

Barbie Décor Resource

Many of the décor items included in this blog can be found on Amazon by searching: 

  • Barbie party decorations adult
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Barbie Photo Backdrop Or Photo Booth

Offer a photo booth or backdrop that spotlights and captures the magic of a Barbie-themed fundraising event. This offers a fun way to create lasting memories. Make sure to encourage guests to share photos on social media. Place a sign that has your organization’s hashtag information near the photo area.

Lifesize Barbie Box

Construct an oversized Barbie doll box where guests can step in and pose for photos. 

Table Décor

Creating vibrant and engaging table decor for your Barbie-themed fundraising event can set the tone and enhance the atmosphere. Here are some fun and creative ideas for your tables:

Pink Table Linens

Use pink tablecloths or runners to set a cheerful, colorful table. Choose different shades of pink to add depth and interest.

A table set with wine glasses and pink flowers at a Barbie-Themed Fundraiser event

Fashion Accessories

Scatter fashion-related items like miniature purses, shoes, and sunglasses around the table.

Glitter and Sequins

Sprinkle glitter or sequins across the table to catch the light and add a glamorous sparkle reminiscent of Barbie’s style.

Themed Place Settings

Use pink plates, cups, and utensils. You can also incorporate Barbie graphics or logos into place cards, napkins, or menu cards.

Customized Table Names

Instead of numbers, name each table after a famous Barbie doll or theme, such as Malibu Barbie, Astronaut Barbie, or Fashionista Barbie.

Barbie Table Centerpieces

Use Barbie dolls as part of the centerpiece. For example, Barbies can be placed in different outfits and poses in the center, surrounded by floral arrangements.

Barbie Car Table Décor

Barbie is known for having sports car convertibles. It’s a creative idea to include a Barbie convertible as table décor.

Pink Flower Arrangements

Use vases filled with pink roses, peonies, and carnations.

A vase of pink flowers on a table with candles at a Barbie-Themed Fundraiser event

Your Barbie theme centerpieces can also raise extra money for your organization. Guests would love to purchase these beautiful items. To learn more, watch our centerpiece fundraiser video.

Barbie Dessert Fundraiser

Beautiful, delicious Barbie cakes can be unique centerpieces and can raise extra money at your fundraiser.  Guests would love to take these tasty treats home. 

Read our blog and watch our video for more details on setting up a dessert fundraiser.  

Here are some ideas for Barbie dessert centerpieces:

Elegant Pink Velvet Cake

A glamourous and delicious pink cake adorned with edible glitter and pearls is perfect for this fundraising event.

Barbie Icon Cake

Try a centerpiece cake with the classic Barbie icon.

Contact a local bakery and ask for Barbie cake donations. In return for the donations, allow the baker to have a table at your venue to sell their creations.

Costume Contest

Host a costume contest where guests can channel their inner Barbie and Ken. This contest will be one of the highlights of the evening, offering a fabulous opportunity for attendees to showcase their creativity and passion for fashion. Whether they opt for a classic Barbie look or get creative with costumes inspired by Barbie’s extensive careers, this contest will add excitement and engagement to your fundraiser.

Here are some contest ideas:

Barbie Through the Ages

Guests dress as Barbie from different decades.

Ken’s Korner

A fundraiser event sign on a stand that says Ken's Korner at a Barbie-Themed Fundraiser event

Encourage Ken-inspired outfits and host a separate contest for the best Ken.

DIY Barbie Outfits

Reward the most creative hand-made Barbie costume.

Barbie’s Careers

Guests choose from Barbie’s various professions for their costume theme.

Best Barbie And Ken Couple

Reward the best and most creative Barbie and Ken couple.

Voting Game Fundraiser

Set up a voting game fundraiser to increase your fundraiser profits.


Offer a raffle featuring a range of fabulous prizes that reflect the Barbie fundraiser theme. From exclusive Barbie collector items to luxurious spa packages, each raffle prize will excite and entertain guests. Try some of these Barbie raffle ideas:

Barbie Collector Items

Raffle off rare Barbie dolls or collector items.

Spa Day Packages

Include pink-themed spa day packages focusing on Barbie’s love for self-care. Here are some ideas:

  • Fashion shopping sprees
  • Gift certificates to local boutiques or online stores
  • A getaway to a luxurious property

Barbie Merchandise Baskets

Create gift baskets filled with Barbie-themed merchandise and accessories.

Barbie-Inspired Gift Baskets

Create gift baskets that transport your guests into Barbie’s glamorous world. Fill them with a variety of Barbie-inspired goodies and experiences that celebrate the many facets of Barbie’s life. Here are some Barbie gift basket ideas:

Barbie Glam Kit

Fill a basket with Barbie-themed makeup, hair accessories, and a mini mirror. Don’t forget pink lipstick!

Spa Day And Relaxation Packages

Include pink-themed spa day packages. These packages can include items such as bath bombs, scented candles, face masks, a gift card to a yoga studio, a gift card to an athletic wear shop, a plush pink robe, and pink slippers.

Fashion Shopping Sprees

Include gift certificates to local boutiques or online shops.

Movie Night Basket

Include the Barbie movie, pink popcorn, cotton candy, other pink snacks, a cozy pink blanket, and pink slippers.

Barbie Career Kit

Each basket could focus on a different Barbie career, like Astronaut Barbie with space-themed educational toys and books or Chef Barbie with cooking utensils and recipe books.

Read our blog and watch our video playlist for more information about gift basket fundraisers.

Gift Card Pull

Offer guests the opportunity to win a variety of great gift cards, such as: 

  • Spa treatments
  • Consultation with a fashion stylist 
  • Makeup consultation
  • Shopping experience

For more information about how to plan a gift card pull, read our blog and watch our video.

Fundraiser Game Resource

For more fundraiser game ideas, download our free e-book The Ultimate 42 Fundraising Ideas That Snap Crackle & Pop.

Wine & Other Specialty Liquor Fundraisers

A toy boat with barbie dolls and a hat at a Barbie-Themed Fundraiser event

Wine pulls and other specialty liquor games are very popular fundraisers. For details about these types of fundraisers, read our blog and watch our wine pull fundraiser video playlist and our specialty liquor fundraiser video playlist.

Our free downloadable wine pull e-book is also a very helpful resource for planning a wine pull.


Having a DJ spin tracks from the ’60s to the present to reflect the eras of Barbie will keep the atmosphere vibrant and lively.

Barbie-Inspired Fashion Show

Host a fashion show where models strut down the runway wearing Barbie-inspired clothes from a local boutique or online shop. To add a special touch, make sure some outfits are iconic Barbie pink. Allow the boutique owner to set up a pop-up shop at your event. For more details about fashion fundraisers read our blog.

Silent Auction Ideas

To further entice and engage your attendees, offer an exciting selection of silent auction items, such as:

  • Spa packages
  • Shopping sprees
  • Fashion consultation with a local designer
  • Barbie collectibles

Barbie-Inspired Live Auction Packages

Barbie-inspired live auction packages offer unique and luxurious trips and experiences that are sure to attract bidders. These consignment packages can be sold multiple times at your event, which can increase your fundraiser profits. You pay only if the packages sell. Here are some live auction packages that would fit perfectly with a Barbie theme fundraiser:

See more no-risk live auction package options.


Offer an array of tasty Barbie-inspired foods and treats. Make this a culinary experience that is consistent with your theme. Having food trucks at an outdoor venue is a great food option.

A pink food truck with a sign that says La Barbie Tacos at a Barbie-Themed Fundraiser event

Pink Treats

A group of pink macaroons

Offer a variety of pink sweets like cupcakes, macarons, and candies.

A cupcakes with pink frosting and strawberries on a plate

Signature Barbie Cocktails

Serve pink cocktails and mocktails named after Barbie adventures.

Signature Barbie Cocktails

Themed Snacks

Provide snacks and finger foods that have clever names related to your Barbie fundraiser theme.

Fundraiser Theme Resources

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We also have a free downloadable fundraiser theme e-book titled 20 Fun & Creative Fundraising Themes Your Guests Will Love.

If you need help planning a successful Barbie theme fundraiser, Murad Auctions is here to help.  Contact us or schedule a free consultation.