18 Kid And Family-Oriented School Fundraisers

Having kid and family-oriented sign-up party school fundraisers provide numerous creative ways to level up your next fundraiser. These types of fundraisers are popular and fun for the whole family. Each has a different theme and a limited number of spots for purchase.  Parents purchase a spot so their child can participate in a party…

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School Fundraiser Ideas: 22 Popular Sign-up Parties For Parents

Sign up parties for parents are fun and profitable school fundraisers. This blog, which is part of a 2-part series, will give you 18 popular school fundraiser ideas to help plan sign-up parties for parents. The second blog will focus on kid and family-oriented sign-up parties. Sign up parties for parents focus on activities created…

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Try A Dessert Fundraiser To Sweeten Your Event Profits

Banana Flambe Used In Dessert Fundraiser

A dessert fundraiser is a great way to sweeten your fundraiser profits. We’ve seen desserts generate thousands of dollars at various fundraising events. This blog will show you multiple ways to use these sweet treats to raise money for your non-profit. Cake Live Auction Dessert Fundraiser One dessert fundraiser option is a cake live auction.…

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